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how to copy cassette tapes to CD

how to copy cassette tapes to CD

Cassette tapes were very popular from the early 1970s and the late 1990s. But as time passed, cassette tapes eventually got left behind because of our fast-paced technology. CDs replaced them, and now mp3s have replaced both. So if you don’t want your cassettes to go waste, you might want to learn how to copy cassette tapes to CD. The process is pretty simple. You just play the cassette tape, record it on your computer, and burn the audio files to a CD. You will need a good cassette player, a computer with Audacity, a sound editor program, installed and a cd burner. If everything that you need is all set, then you’re good to go.

  1. First, connect the cassette player’s line out jack to your computer. If you don’t have the right connector cords, you may need a converter. Also, make sure the cable is stereo, which is indicated by two rings around the metal portion of the plug (one ring indicates a mono). To check if you have made the correct connections, play the tape. If you can hear the audio from the computer’s speaker, then you are good to go.

  2. Open Audacity and adjust the necessary settings. First, make sure the volume is at a good level. Then you want to make sure that the program will record from “line in.” You can select this under the input dropdown menu. Then, start recording a little of audio and then play it back to see if it is the quality you want. Make adjustments and keep testing until you get the quality you want.

  3. After Audacity has been set up, make sure that you have enough disk space.

  4. Start recording. Press record in Audacity and play the cassette. When it’s done recording, press stop.

  5. Clean up the track. First, select the entire file by clicking the MENU option and then click EDIT and SELECT ALL. You will be able to see a NORMALIZE option box. Check the box and then click OK. After that, you have to select a small time frame of silence from the start and end of the recording. In order to do that, drag the pointer to the part that you have selected. From there, click EDIT on the MENU options then click NOISE REMOVAL. Once the noise removal box is there, locate the GET NOISE PROFILE, click it, and then hit CLOSE. Repeat this step one more time. This process may take a while. After that, save and export the file as an .mp3.

  6. Now, you can burn the file to your CD.

The entire process might take a while, but a real music lover can put in the necessary time. Just follow these simple steps on how to copy cassette tapes to CD, and you’re good to go.


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