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how to copy files from PC to iPhone 4

how to copy files from PC to iPhone 4

Apple’s iPhone 4, a very popular smartphone, has many capabilities and useful features.  Smartphone users often rely on their phones for more than just texting and calling. If you want to have access to important files on the go, you need to know how to copy files from PC to iPhone 4. Almost like a miniature computer, transferring files to your iPhone is easy and simple. Just be sure to consider the amount of memory space you have left on your iPhone. Here are the steps to transfer files to your iPhone 4

  1. You’ll need to have iTunes installed on your PC and iPhone.

  2. To copy files manually, open iTunes on your computer. Connect your iPhone to your computer, and it should appear in your iTunes sidebar. Make sure that your phone is ready to use, so unlock it.

  3. Then locate the files that you want to copy to your phone. Select the file/s that you found. Remember that you can choose multiple files or documents by pressing the CTRL tab while clicking on multiple files.

    refully drag these files to your iPhone name in the iTunes sidebar. Copying large files may take a while, so be patient. Afterwards, just eject your iPhone, disconnect the USB cable, and you are definitely good to go.

  4. Syncing is also another way to transfer files. Instead of looking for the files and selecting them manually, you would click on the iPhone name that appears in the sidebar. This will open the iPhone interface that lets you choose various files types or folders to sync. Choose your preferred settings and press “Sync” to transfer files.

Knowing how to copy files from PC to iPhone 4 can be very handy, especially if you need important files on the go. As you can see, it’s not a difficult process.


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