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how to copy protect DVDs

how to copy protect DVDs

Nowadays, intellectual property rights are easily being overlooked. Performers, especially singers, have lost billions of dollars due to illegal copying and distribution of their music. Moreover, movies are counterfeited and sold at very cheap prices, making it harder for the original creators to make money. Most people would want protection of what is rightfully theirs, so learning how to copy protect your DVDs can be advantageous. The responsibility of taking care of property lies with the owner. You have to take that extra mile and do what you have to do. Copy protecting your DVD makes it so that it cannot be copied without your permission. An example of this is a very private file that you stored on a DVD. Without protection, it can reach the public without your permission. So let’s look into these quick and easy steps to help you copy protect your digital property.

  1. Choose your software. Copy protection software is available for downloading online. There are plenty to choose from. An example of software you can use is the WTM CD Protect.

    However, if you have other software in mind, it’s perfectly fine as long as it’s a reliable and trusted one.

  2. Download and install your software of choice. Just follow the instructions when downloading, and in a few minutes, you will be done.

  3. Once it is installed, run the program.

  4. Insert the DVD that you want to copy protect.

  5. You will be asked to select the file to be protected. Select the DVD you just inserted and follow the instructions.

Make it a habit to do this, especially for very important files. Your personal videos can still be shared with your friends or relatives, but you have the final authority or say. They can watch and enjoy it, but they cannot, of course, copy it without you letting them. You can share files or information that you have, but it doesn’t mean you have to give them the authority to copy it. Be very vigilant because even big companies are losing billion to unauthorized copying of their digital properties. It is quite obvious with the technology nowadays that you cannot stop anyone from making copies of whatever they like. People even have perfected the art of copying. With this in mind, the responsibility of stopping these illegal copying rests in the hands of the owner of the property. That’s why learning how to copy protect your DVDs and other digital records is crucial. It is for your own good to do your best to protect that which belongs to you.


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