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How to Correct a Dog that Bites

How to Correct a Dog that Bites

Dog bites, rabies infection, torn rugs, broken shoes and missing shoelaces are only a few results that you can get from petting a dog that bites. Although it is natural for a dog to bite, it is only acceptable up to a certain point. It is an instinct of the dog to protect himself and you, as his human companion, from anything or anyone who may be a threat and he may use his teeth to accomplish this.  Before this behavior gets out of hand, you need to learn how to correct a dog that bites and how to control such unwanted behavior. Correcting or controlling it will also prevent your dog from hurting other animals and people. You need not worry, however, because in most cases a dog that bites may be easily corrected and these tips may help you achieve the same for your pet.

  1. Start correcting the behavior at an early stage. A dog or puppy that bites may be going through the process of teething. This is normal for most puppies. However, you need to correct this behavior even during this stage in his life. Instead of biting you, entice him with a soft toy and place it in front of him.

    You will be redirecting his attention from you to playing and biting the toy instead.

  2. Hitting your dog never gets you anywhere. Never slap or hit your dog. Remember that the language you speak is not the same language that your dog understands. He may assume that you are only playing a game with him through your slap. This deters his attention from you because of fear and he may run from you. In the same manner, avoid playing games that encourage him to chase and bite you such as tug of war.

  3. Always be firm and consistent. A simple command such as ‘no bite’ will be enough for your dog to know that what he is doing is inappropriate. Everyone in your household who comes in contact with your dog must impose the same rules that you use for training. When you tell your dog not to bite, look him in the face and be firm yet gentle. While you are being firm in dealing with your dog, do not allow him to show dominance over you. Let him know that he must follow you as his leader.

  4. Let your puppy know you are in pain. Every time your dog’s teeth contacts your skin, let him know that you feel the pain by saying ‘ow’, ‘ouch’ or ‘arrr’. After saying this, leave the dog alone for a while and do not pay him attention. He will recognize these as hurt sounds. He will also understand that he will lose you as a friend as you walk away from him if he continues to bite.

  5. Positive reinforcement will always work. Instead of hurting your dog by spanking him, give him words of praise and acknowledge his good deeds when he does not latch his teeth onto you, other household members, animals or objects. A treat or few more minutes of pampering and playing will be enough reward for a good dog that does not bite.

Learning how to correct a dog that bites will save you and those around him from accidents, bites and torn things. You also need not worry even when your dog is around other people. This will keep your home a bite-free one.


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