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How to Cover Acne Scars with Makeup

How to Cover Acne Scars with Makeup

When you see “selfies” of your favorite celebrities sans makeup, you may gasp at how ordinary some of them look, and you might even notice skin imperfections as well. It just goes to show how transformative makeup can be. If you need a quick fix or can't seem to find the right solution to rid your face of those unsightly marks, let cosmetics do the work. Use these helpful tips to learn how to cover acne scars with makeup.

  1. Think of your face as a canvas. To make whatever you put on it look good and last long, the base should be good enough to hold the pigments you put on your “face canvas.” To start, make sure that you cleanse, exfoliate, and tone before you apply makeup. You can either put on moisturizer or use a foundation that has moisturizing formulation. If your skin is quite oily, skip the moisturizing. Make sure all the products you use are non-comedogenic (does not clog the pores) and suitable for acne-prone skin.

  2. To help your makeup stay on longer and make application a smoother process, use a primer.

    can also use this in lieu of moisturizer. Moreover, you can opt to use an anti-shine product on the oiliest portions of your face, like the areas around your nose or on your forehead before you apply the primer. Don't neglect your neck area if you have acne scars there too.

  3. Next is the application of liquid foundation. Make sure the product you use is compatible with your skin type and also the right tint. You can ask for assistance in picking the right shade at the department store or cosmetics shop.

  4. Dot the foundation all over your face. Use your fingers, a makeup sponge, or a brush to spread it carefully and evenly with light, downward strokes. Avoid being too heavy-handed with this product to prevent caking and making the marks more obvious. Remember to blend, blend, and blend.

  5. Dot concealer on the more obvious marks and blend them into the foundation with a brush.

  6. With a large brush, apply translucent loose powder all over your face to set the foundation. You may need to tilt your head back a bit so most of the powder stays on your face as you apply it. Avoid using heavy powders as they will give you a cakey look and highlight your scars instead.

  7. Brush on very fine, sheer setting powder to set both the foundation and the loose powder. This layer will get into the small spots that the previous layers did not cover and smooth over bumps or depressions in your face.

  8. You can put on a finishing spray to set the entire base and keep it on for hours. Wait for the product to dry before applying more cosmetics.

  9. Do the rest of your makeup. Use blotting paper to reduce shine during the day. You may not want to powder your face any further, as this will just result in caking.

Creating an even, flawless base is essential in learning how to cover acne scars with makeup. The effect of the blush, eye shadow, and other makeup depends largely on how well you've applied the primer, foundation, concealer, and setting powders. To make foundation application an easier task, take care of your skin by cleaning it regularly. Additionally, do not pop pimples or bumps to avoid irritation and infection. This results in more problems, and they will show up more easily even if you layer on makeup. Instead, consult a dermatologist for acne solutions.


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