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How to Cover Dark Circles under Eyes

How to Cover Dark Circles under Eyes

Dark circles appear under your eyes if you don’t get enough sleep or if you oversleep. They can also be caused by allergies, sickness or vitamin deficiencies. Their presence will make you look stressed and burned out. That can be annoying, especially if you’re been trying to look your best. This is why it is crucial to learn how to cover dark circles under eyes. You can try out the following practical options to address this issue:

  1. Get enough sleep every night. 8 to 10 hours of sleep are most ideal. You can benefit considerably from getting enough sleep. You will feel rejuvenated, well-rested, and energetic when going about your daily responsibilities. This is essential for excellent physical and mental health. It actually tops the list of beauty secrets because deep wave sleep heals the skin, making you look young and fresh. It is advisable to elevate your head while sleeping to facilitate the healing process in your face.

  2. Drink enough water every day – about 8 to 10 glasses.

    e water will hydrate your body. Toxic wastes will be eliminated faster through urine and sweat glands, thus minimizing your vulnerability to disease. Your eyes will be clear and fresh and you will be able to keep dark circles and eye bags away.

  3. Moisturize the skin under your eyes. Leave the moisturizer on for a while to allow the skin to absorb it before applying concealer or mineral foundation. Aside from conditioning the eye bags, it will help the foundation and concealer stay on longer and make them less likely to cake. Hence, they will cover the dark circles throughout the day without looking messy.

  4. Apply a good amount of mineral foundation on the dark circles under your eyes with your fingertips. Make it thicker on darker areas and thinner on less dark areas. Use the foundation that is closest in tone to your natural skin tone for more natural-looking results. Experienced make-up artists suggest using a shade one step lighter than your skin tone.

  5. Make use of a soft makeup brush to blend the foundation you have already applied. Merge the parts where you have applied generous amounts of foundation with the areas where you have applied smaller amounts of foundation. This will help hide the eye bags in a more natural-looking way.

  6. Apply white eyeliner along your eyelids and under your eyes. This will make them look brighter, shifting the attention to your eyes and away from the dark circles. The proper application of white eyeliner, coupled with the use of mineral foundation will make the dark circles less prominent.

  7. Cover dark circles with concealer or eye cream. Apply it generously on darker areas and blend it into the rest of the skin. Choose a shade that is one step lighter than your natural skin tone. This will hide the dark circles more efficiently. Put it directly on the affected areas using your index finger in light, circular, upward motions.

Surgical procedures might give you instant results, but they also come with risks and cost quite a bit. Knowing how to cover dark circles under eyes is practical and useful. It can fit readily into your daily skin care routine.


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