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How To Create Online Tutorials

How To Create Online Tutorials

Online tutorials are now becoming very popular as marketing tools. When people can easily learn how to use a product to aid them in their work or studies, the result will be very satisfying in terms of sales. Video materials using modern techniques   will really be very interactive. This is like having fun while learning; something that you could never experience while reading a bunch of books. Here is how to create online tutorials.

  1. Create a website that determines the overall topic. You can use the key words in the domain name to get better results in terms of future traffic. Sort out the basic web page, HTML, advanced HTML, Java or online storefront processes needed. Note the details to create a checklist as your reference. You will definitely be lost somewhere when you miss out on an important process.

  2. Break the general topic into subtopics to simplify instructions. These subtopics will comprise the pages in your website. As for basic HTML, details would include colors, advanced colors, images and text size.

    isting 5 to 12 subjects per topic would be a good number. Do not be too ambitious with the amount of information to include because it could be chaotic to your users. The less information you can display, the better is the online tutorial material.

  3. Do not mislead your target group. Arrange the steps needed on how to use the product in a chronological order. Classify instructions for beginners, average, and advanced users to capture a wider market. It is easy to discourage potential consumers online. Tutorial sites that are either boring or confusing would be immediately abandoned. It’s not only crucial to capture surfers, but being able to keep them on the site and enable them to leave it with great satisfaction  means you’ve got an effective online tutorial website.

  4. Use images or screenshots to illustrate the steps. Detailed instructions verbally or in print can work. Visual prompts can work even better. If there are terms that cannot be easily understood when hearing or reading them, an illustrated image will do well. You can use as many images as you can to prove your point. They cannot miss these. Even if they actually did not purchase the product, they will be truly entertained and educated with it. The good thing is, they will tell their friends about it.

  5. Use software to build the website and design pages for each topic needed. Make it as user-friendly as possible. Provide the links for downloads or related topics when needed on the same page. This will give the feeling how easy it is to navigate in your online tutorial site. There are free downloads offered online like WordPress. They also have their own online tutorial videos that could serve as your guide.

  6. Index the terms used in the online tutorial. This will aid users when digging deeper about the subject that is a little complicated especially for non-technical users. A glossary and an online test site will give the users the familiarity with using the product. They can then decide better what is more suitable to their needs, abilities, and capabilities.

How to create online tutorials? Just follow the steps. You can also make use of powerful pieces of software like Flash and Macromedia’s Dreamweaver and Extensions. Learning interactions can be incorporated into your online tutorial site like drag-and-drop activities. You can go into these complexities when you have already gained some skills in creating websites. You can never become a versatile web maker if you won’t start now.


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