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how to create windows XP boot disk

how to create windows XP boot disk

Boot disks are sometimes provided with your newly purchased computer, but do you know how to create windows XP boot disk if you happen to have misplaced it and your computer breaks down? It is a relief to know that, first of all, this is possible. You must create a bootable XP CD now to be able to troubleshoot and re-install Windows if it becomes corrupted. Just make sure to follow these directions step by step.

  1. Purchase a re-writable blank CD. Go to the C: drive and create a folder named “XPSetup” or something simila

  2. See Resources and download the Boot Sector. Unzip the files from the download location. Copy these files to the “XP Setup” directory you’ve created.

  3. Open Windows Explorer by pressing “Explorer” button. You can do this by right-clicking the “Start” icon. Locate the C:/i386 directory using explorer or by checking the Windows directory. They should be both somewhere in the root. Right click on the “XPSetup” folder after highlighting the /i386 directory.

  4. Hit “Copy” from the context menu and paste into the C:/XPSetup directory. Do not do this by moving or dragging and dropping the folder. See to it that you have a C:/XPSetup/i386 folder with all of the original contents after pasting. You can verify this by opening the i386 folder to see if the contents are there.

  5. Create a new text file using Notepad. Type Windows with capitalized W and lower case for the rest of the letters. Remove the quotes but include only the trailing space. Press “Enter” to go to the next line before saving it as “WIN51”. The .txt file suffix should be added automatically to the file name. This is only possible when no quotes are included. Your WIN51 text file must contain only the word Windows including the trailing space.

  6. Copy and rename the WIN51 file based on your operating system’s specifications. Create a separate file for each installed XP service pack. Follow as specified below:

    Windows XP Home, no service packs: Copy and rename the file WIN51IC. Windows XP Home, Service Pack 1: In addition to the file named WIN51IC, copy and rename the WIN51 file "WIN51IC.SP1". Windows XP Home, Service Pack 2: In addition to the files named WIN51IC and WIN51IC.SP1, copy and rename the WIN51 file "WIN51IC.SP2".

    Windows XP Professional, no service packs: Copy and rename the file WIN51IP. Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 1: In addition to the file named WIN51IP, copy and rename the WIN51 file "WIN51IP.SP1". Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2: In addition to the files named WIN51IP and WIN51IP.SP1, copy and rename the WIN51 file "WIN51IP.SP2".

  7. Copy all WIN51 files into the C:/XPSetup directory. Open the Easy CD Creator application and create a new CD project. Select "Burn" > "Bootable CD" from the top navigation menu.

  8. Change the Volume name for the new CD project according to the version of Windows XP as indicated below:

    Version - Label

    Windows XP Home OEM - WXHOEM_EN

    Windows XP Home SP 1 OEM - XRMHOEM_EN

    Windows XP Home SP 1a and SP 2 OEM - X1AHOEM_EN

    Windows XP Professional OEM - WXPOEM_EN

    Windows XP Professional SP 1 OEM - XRMPOEM_EN

    Windows XP Professional SP 1a and SP 2 OEM - X1APOEM_EN

  9. Copy all files below into the XPSetup directory. This is to avoid reactivating Windows when the boot disk is being used:





  10. Add the entire C:/XPSetup folder to the Easy CD Creator interface. Insert a blank CD and click "Burn." A bootable CD for Windows XP is created.

You’re not finished until you’ve tested the new bootable CD. Shut down the computer with the CD in the CD burner. Start Windows XP and press the F12 key during start-up. A list of boot options is provided. Select the "Boot from CD" option. It should boot up automatically if all the files are properly installed. This step by step procedure showing how to create Windows XP boot disk should be useful to you.


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