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How to Create Your Own At-home Beauty Facial

How to Create Your Own At-home Beauty Facial

Beauty facials are a great way of taking good care of your skin. Many people opt to get facial treatments at derma clinics or beauty spas. The main drawback, however, is the high cost, plus the time it takes to book appointments. A great alternative is doing your own facial regimen at home. A basic facial is quite easy to do, and this guide on how to create your own at-home beauty facial will have your skin healthy and glowing without the cost of expensive facial treatments.

  1. Cleanse. The first step of any kind of facial regimen is to wash off dirt, dust, makeup remnants, and excess oil that have accumulated throughout the day on your face. You may use a mild facial wash or facial tissues. When cleaning your face, apply the cleanser in circular strokes with your fingertips, using an upward motion. If you wear heavy makeup, consider using a makeup remover first, or just repeat the process until the skin is clean of all makeup.

  2. Steam. This is an optional step and not always necessary for a basic home facial.

    However, you may opt to do it if you want a more thorough cleansing and exfoliation. Steaming opens up the pores, allowing you to remove dirt and oil that may have clogged your pores. Moreover, once your pores are open, they can more easily absorb the nutrients during the subsequent steps. To steam, fill a basin or bowl with hot water. Hover your face over it so the rising steam can open up your pores. You could also soak a soft towel in a bowl of warm water or soothing tea, wring it out, and then place it over your face for about 10 minutes until the towel cools.

  3. Exfoliate. Occasional exfoliation is necessary to slough off dead skin cells and deep-seated dirt. However, you should only do it once or twice a week if you have oily skin. For dry skin, once or twice a month works best since the skin is more sensitive and may tend to get easily irritated. To do this, apply the exfoliating scrub in circular motions on your face, especially in the nose area where blackheads love to accumulate. Pay attention to the chin and forehead area too, which tend to be more oily. Use formulations with natural scrubs, such as ground almonds or oats, to benefit from the additional skin nutrients they provide. Then, rinse off any excess exfoliant to prevent dryness.

  4. Mask. Use a mask to soothe the skin and draw out any remaining dirt or impurities. For oily skin, a clay or kaolin-based face mask is preferable since it can quickly adsorb oil and dirt. If you have dry skin, a cream-based mask is effective for much-needed hydration. A lot of masks are available commercially, or you can just use an easy-to-make homemade facial mask. Apply the mask on your skin and avoid the eye area. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse off.

  5. Moisturize. Finally, your skin is ready for the last step. Using a moisturizer is essential since it locks in natural oils and nutrients. Properly moisturized skin is also more wrinkle resistant and has that healthy softness. Use a moisturizer that contains healthy nutrients, such as aloe or jojoba oil for oily skin and coconut oil for dry skin. Gently apply the moisturizer all over your face and neck in patting motions. YouÂ’ve now completed your home beauty facial!

Knowing how to create your own at-home beauty facial lets you enjoy youthful, glowing skin without shelling out some precious bucks for a trip to a pro. Simply do this at-home facial at least twice a month, and your skin will thank you for it.


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