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How to Create Your Own Fashion Style

How to Create Your Own Fashion Style

Fashion is ever-changing, and there are often times when fashion repeats itself. Fads go out of style and then return for another turn at the runway in one form or another. Given this, it is often better if you have your own fashion style instead of blindly following whatever is popular at the moment. This will make you stand out on your own as capable of making design choices for yourself and not become a fashion victim. Here are tips on how to create your own fashion style.

  1. Choose your colors

    The first thing to do as you build your wardrobe is to choose the colors that you look best in. You can drastically reduce all the possible fashion choices by choosing your favorite colors. In this sense, your favorite colors are the colors you feel comfortable and think you look good in. It can be as simple as wearing black often because it is slimming and looks posh. Try on clothes and accessories in different colors so you can determine which colors are best for you.

    Your hair, eye, and skin color will play a big part in this.

    People with brown eyes and brown hair will look good in red. Redheads with blue eyes might want to avoid wearing red and pink. People with black hair can wear intensely colored clothes and accessories. These are suggestions, not hard and fast rules, so trial and error is best. Seek the opinion of someone whose fashion style you admire when choosing what looks good on you. You can also keep in mind any sincere compliments you receive when you are wearing a certain color.

  2. Embrace your shape

    Once you have decided on your favorite colors, the next step is to choose styles that look good on your body shape. Some people are skinny all over; some are curvy in some places; and others are curvy all over. Given that there are so many styles to choose from, it is best if you highlight your assets and maybe camouflage or divert attention away from parts of your body that you are insecure about. It can be as simple as wearing scoop necklines to highlight a long neck or wearing strategic stripes to camouflage a protruding tummy.

    While you can definitely follow fashion suggestions depending on body type, know that just because fashion magazines say that you should be insecure about certain parts of you, don’t take it as gospel truth. For years, stylists have advised people with a sizeable rear to wear slimming jeans to camouflage it. However, popular singer and actress Jennifer Lopez regarded her big behind as an asset and not a body part to be insecure about. Her fashion style reflects her confidence in her body.

  3. Mix it up

    As you work on creating your own fashion style, do not be afraid to mix up items that are vintage, new, cheap, expensive, and in case of jewelry, fake, authentic and gold or silver plated. Wearing this season’s designer outfit from head to foot is an obvious sign that you don’t have your own fashion style. After a while, you will figure out your signature look and style trademark.

    The legendary fashion icons were not people who followed what was popular during their time, what the famous celebrities were wearing, or what the designers were selling. They found their own style, made it their own, and people responded well to that and copied them. Examples include Katherine Hepburn who wore the first pantsuits when all women were advised to wear skirts, and Audrey Hepburn who popularized kitten heels when most women were wearing thick, high-heeled shoes.

While following these starting tips on how to create your own fashion style, you can keep track of your looks by taking a picture of your outfit of the day, create a personal look book, and posting it on social networking sites. You can get feedback to help you refine your style some more, but note that not everyone may be sincere, so do not depend heavily on public opinion. For more inspiration, you can look at celebrities who have a similar fashion style as yours, or you can collate more ideas using sites like Pinterest.


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