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How to Cure Acne

How to Cure Acne

How to cure acne is a question that has plagued people the world over, adolescents and adults, and has had scientists baffled since the dawn of time. Pharmaceutical companies and cosmetic makers all want to find a total cure for acne and are racing to do so. Indeed, whoever comes up with a one-stop solution could make a load of cash from a single product. The problem is that everybody is different. Genes, hormone production, clogged pores, bacteria in the skin, the skin's oiliness or dryness, lifestyle, diet; all these and a host of other factors play a part in a person's tendency to have acne. Each person's skin responds to treatment differently. Thus, there may never be a single cure for acne. But there are a variety of options on how to keep acne under control. The trick is finding the method that works for you, and maintaining a regimen to ensure that a breakout does not recur.

  1. Home remedies. Many people have varied success with different home remedies for acne. Some options are: banana peels rubbed on the face and particularly the affected area thrice daily; regular washing with a paste of baking soda and water; oatmeal or yogurt masks applied to the face, allowed to set for ten to fifteen minutes, and rinsed off; topical herbal concoctions; tea tree oil applied on the affected area morning and evening; and even applying ordinary toothpaste (not gel).


  2. Over the counter medications. There are many OTC medications available, each one claiming to be better than all the others. What makes it more confusing is that each one comes with glowing testimonials. One thing said to help is not medication, but a plain and simple Vitamin D supplement. Actual OTC medications you could try should contain any or some of the following ingredients: benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur, or alpha-hydroxy acid. These products are available in many forms, including soap, cosmetics, cream, ointment, or pill form. You can try various options until you find one that works.

  3. Prescription and other treatments. Sometimes, acne is so severe as to warrant a visit to the doctor for prescription medication and more complex treatment. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics, and he may drain pimples and cysts. A more drastic treatment, isotretinoin, is prescribed as a last resort because it could have serious side effects and is also quite expensive. Other possible treatments are laser therapy, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion, which may help cure severe acne by clearing up the skin's surface and inhibiting the sebaceous glands from producing as much oil.

The options listed above have different effects on different people. Some work for some people but not for others, so it's largely a trial and error process to find one, or a combination of several, that work for you. Which treatment option you choose is determined by the severity of your problem and how quickly you want to see results. Remember, though, that more expensive doesn't necessarily mean more effective. What's effective is whatever product to which your skin responds satisfactorily. Regardless of your choice, some common sense precautions should be considered, as well. Keep things away from and off your face as much as possible. Hair that touches the face (particularly long bangs), hands, cell phones or telephone handsets, rims of eyeglasses, helmets, should be clean and regularly washed or wiped off. Avoid a diet with high-saturated fat, salt, processed foods, and refined starch. Drink plenty of water, and get sufficient rest and enough sleep daily. The better you keep a healthy lifestyle and the more disciplined you are at maintaining a facial care regimen, the better your chances of avoiding breakouts, aided by any of the options listed above for how to cure acne.


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