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how to cure arthritis naturally

how to cure arthritis naturally

The lack of synovial fluid and diminishing cartilage are the reasons for arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis. The fluid lubricates the joints, and the cartilage absorbs shocks. Without these items, bones will be directly in contact with each other creating friction. This is the primary reason for painful elbows and knees. When the tissues of the cartilage get infected or injured, the result is rheumatoid arthritis. How to cure arthritis naturally is one of the popular topics often discussed by seniors. Here are some natural remedies for the condition:

  1. A diet rich in antioxidants is ideal for people with arthritis. It protects from further damage to the cartilage. Juices from beets, cucumbers, and carrots can be combined for a refreshing and beneficial drink for the joints. Garnishing your mixed green salad with lemon is not only superb to the taste but also to minimize symptoms of arthritis. Adding pumpkin, turmeric, and ginger to your regular recipes will also have some advantages as asafetida and coriander.

  2. Fruits that are sources of Vitamin C and E are essential for the buildup of collagen that comprises the cartilage.

      Papaya and apples will not only decorate your dining room table but will also improve your cartilage just like grapes and oranges. Fatty and sweet delicacies will aggravate your arthritis so it’s better to eliminate them from your regular intake. The same factors apply for foods that you are allergic to. Tomatoes and peppers may have some bad effects for certain people thus triggering the condition.

  3. Submit to heat therapy using ultrasound for long-term relief of arthritis. When the heat is applied to the affected areas, the conducting agent, either mineral oil or the commonly used gel, penetrates the inner tissues and ligaments of the cartilage. It’s a sort of healing energy for these tiny areas excluding the fat tissues.

  4. A more powerful and advanced heat treatment called diathermy should be used if you are overweight. The fat tissues will have no escape in this procedure because it uses an insulated wire coil magnetic field to transfer the heat from the affected surface to the internal connective tissues. This is beneficial when administered regularly. If you do not want to spend more for this treatment, seriously consider losing weight.

  5. Take combined supplements of Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate.  The body is producing these minerals naturally but aging can hamper their production. They are responsible for the formation of connective tissues, and they are builders of the digestive system as well as skeletal body tissues and ligaments. They are the amino sugars that our body cannot function properly without.

  6. Ancient holistic techniques such as Ayurveda and yoga are healthy combinations to tackle the symptoms of arthritis. They may also cure its root causes because the herbal treatments using turmeric, for example, can penetrate to the internal part where the problem originates. A massage using mustard will not only give temporary relief, but it is believed to reach to the damaged areas of the body. Sesame oil is also used in lieu of mustard.

These methods on how to cure arthritis naturally only prove that our youth can be preserved by consuming the right kind of foods, doing the proper exercises on a daily basis, and indulging in well-balanced relaxation. This lifestyle is for the arthritis-free golden years that will go a long way. A longer life is worth living when we wake up each morning fresh and free from any pain from arthritis.


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