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how to cure breast cancer

how to cure breast cancer

According to cancer.org, breast cancer occurs due to the growth of a malignant tumor in the breast tissue. Many are interested to know how to cure breast cancer since this disorder can develop both in women and men. But, can it be prevented? The answer is yes. Based on the estimates made by the World Cancer Research Fund, at least 38 percent of breast cancer cases in the United States are avoidable by increasing physical work outs, keeping a regular weight and limiting alcohol intake. Common indications of breast cancer include irregular size of the breast, dimpling texture, ridging skin surface akin to a corrugated paper, scaling of the skin, swelling, redness and itchiness. The main risk factors of this disease are gender, being unable to bear a child, lack of breastfeeding, increased hormonal level, iodine deficiency, race, economic status and tobacco smoking. Worldwide, the U.S. has the highest incidence rates of breast cancer every year; nearly 112.6 per 100,000 African-American and nearly 128.6 per 100,000 white Americans. In fact, breast cancer is indicated as the most feared illness in America aside from heart-related diseases.

Let us identify both natural and medical approaches in curing breast cancer.

  1. Budwig Diet. Also known as the flaxseed (linseed) oil diet, this natural treatment for cancer was developed by a German biochemist named Dr. Johanna Budwig in 1951. She discovered that eating two all-natural and tasty foods (cottage cheese and flax seed oil) can prevent and cure cancer. As specified on cancure.org, these two must be consumed together since one is responsible in triggering the release of the potential properties of the other. In Europe, this treatment formula has been used in preventing cancer, strokes, cardiac infection, prostate, eczema and arteriosclerosis.

  2. Gerson Therapy. This diet is essentially high in minerals, vitamins, micro-nutrients and enzymes, rich in fluids, and very low in fats and sodium. As suggested on gerson.org, the cancer patient should take the following on a daily basis: vegetarian diet in every meal (cooked vegetables, baked potatoes, juice, salad and vegetable juice), thirteen glasses of raw and fresh fruit juice (carrot, apple and green leafy vegetables), and fresh fruit during snack time.

  3. Surgery. This procedure involves the removal of the malignant tumor in the breast, including some of the nearby tissues. Standard surgical operations include lumpectomy (only a small part of the breast is removed), quadrantectomy (at least one-fourth of the breast is removed) and mastectomy (whole breast is removed). The applicability of any of these procedures largely depends on the extent of breast cancer, whether only a portion or the entire breast is affected.

    If desired, the patient may submit to a breast reconstruction surgery or use a breast prosthetic to make it appear there is still a breast even after surgery.

  4. Hormone Blocking Therapy. There are cancer cells that need estrogen in order to grow further and multiply. This pattern is identifiable through the presence of progesterone receptors (PR+) and estrogen receptors (ER+). In particular, the ER+ can be treated by blocking estrogen production using aromatase inhibitor (anastrozole or letrozole), or by directly blocking the receptors using tamoxifen.

  5. Chemotherapy. This treatment is mainly used when the breast cancer is already beyond stage one. One of the drugs usually administered is cyclophosphamide combined with doxorubicin (Adriamycin). This is also called AC. The medication given destroys the aggressively growing cancer cells so they may no longer subdivide further. However, damage to the heart muscle is a common complication of doxorubicin.

    Also, using docetaxel kills the microtubules in the DNA of the cancer cells. The CMF (cyclophosphamide, methotrexate and fluorouracil) regimen produces similar effects.

  6. Radiation. Also called radiotherapy, this procedure is administered after surgery in order to destroy the cancer cells left or those microscopic tumors that might have escaped during operation. It may also be delivered before surgery to reduce the size of the tumor. The therapy may be given to the patient through internal radiotherapy (brachytherapy) or external beam therapy. When correct doses are received by the patient, the risk of recurrence is significantly reduced by 66 percent at most.

Surgery is the most common treatment performed in breast cancer patients. When combined with chemotherapy and/or radiation, which is usually the case, it is called the multidisciplinary treatment approach. These procedures on how to cure breast cancer are applicable to both sexes. Cancer of any type is not supposed to be viewed as deadly. Many individuals who were able to detect the development of malignant tumors in their bodies have survived breast cancer.


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