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how to cure cancer

how to cure cancer

Debates over conventional and alternative cures are still ongoing with no clear directions as to where these will lead us. Nevertheless, life goes on, and we have to start somewhere to be able to be familiar with the treatments available. The most common medical treatments recommended by doctors today include: chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. These methods on how to cure cancer are noted to extend the life of the patients from five to ten years or more. Here are the distinctions of each:

  1. During chemotherapy, cancer cells are being destroyed by a chemical agent which prevents new cells from being invaded by cancer. Depending on the stage of the cancer detected, chemotherapy can also be combined with other treatments. The process uses numerous drugs combined to formulate the chemical agent that will eradicate the cancerous cells. Intravenously administrated chemotherapy is the common procedure, but it can also be taken orally.

  2. A high-energy radiation is used in radiation therapy to penetrate the cancer cells directly.

    This process is not used only for the treatment of cancer but also to relieve the pain caused by the disease and other symptoms. It can disrupt the increase of cells affected by cancer and really put an end to the highly cancerous ones by breaking the DNA composition. This is a highly recommended procedure because cancer cells are more sensitive to radiation than healthy cells.

  3. A more straightforward cancer treatment is through surgery. The surgical process done on a patient depends on the type of cancer one has. Removing a certain part damaged by cancer is called a curative surgery. Partially removing part of a cancerous tumor is called debulking surgery. This is done so as not to damage nearby organs. The remaining cancerous cells can be treated by either chemotherapy or radiation.

  4. Follow-up treatments are also performed to deal with the body’s reactions after a major treatment. Biological therapy is applied to strengthen the immune system against infections and to minimize side effects of the preceding treatment. This is necessary especially for those who are suffering a great deal from the discomforts of the many symptoms from the main treatment done beforehand.

  5. In addition to any of the major treatments, hormone therapy prevents the emergence of more cancerous cells by blocking the hormones with the same type as the ones affected. Drugs may be used to stop the production of those hormones or manipulate them. Under this process, a hormonal organ may be removed, such as the ovary, to make sure that no dangerous hormones will be produced to worsen the problems.

  6. Aside from follow-up treatments, preliminary procedures may also be applied to make the major surgery easier to handle. The administration of therapeutic agents for this purpose is called neoadjuvant therapy. It decreases the extent of the cancer or reduces the size of a tumor before the fundamental procedure. This will ensure that a follow-up method will not be necessary anymore.

How to cure cancer through the conventional methods will depend greatly on the stage of the cancer when it is diagnosed. The doctor will study its aggressiveness and will design the corresponding treatments to stop the development of new cancerous cells while simultaneously eliminating the existing cancer cells. It is vital for cancer patients to live healthfully because the symptoms alone can be unbearable for the body if the resistance is weak. A positive outlook in life will also help to prevent stress which is detrimental to the overall well-being of the affected person.


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