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How to Cure Cancer in Dogs

How to Cure Cancer in Dogs

An ideal treatment for cancer in dogs should concentrate on destroying the cancerous cells and preserving the healthy ones. Unfortunately, some treatments may be effective in killing cancerous cells but cannot avoid eliminating the healthy ones as well. The bad part is that the side effects cause the dog to suffer extensively. There are continuing studies however that are designed to come up with treatments that are still effective but with fewer side effects. At the moment, how to cure cancer in dogs can be done using various methods. Here are the common ones:

  1. Surgery is crucial to stop cancer from spreading to the nearby parts of the dog’s body. This can be done partially or it may involve total removal of the affected part or organ. However, once the cancer has metastasized, it is impossible to operate on each affected organ just to remove the cancerous parts. The dog will surely not be able to survive these serious procedures.

  2. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are effective in eradicating cancerous cells.

    Chemo uses drugs and radiation uses intense radioactivity, but both create really bad side effects. Vomiting, serious nausea and excessive diarrhea are just a few of them. There are over the counter and prescribed medications that can reverse these side effects. Caring for a sick dog at this stage is a full-time job. So, ask your family members to help by taking turns in watching the dog.

  3. Inquire about gene therapy if it’s offered in your locality; however, it’s still in the development stage. The process involves introducing foreign DNA into a cancer-affected cell. The foreign gene will then attempt to kill the cancerous cells by attracting elements that can fight cancer cells from the immune system. This may stop tumor growth and aid normal cells in becoming resistant to the substance used for eliminating cancer.

  4. Another cancer treatment to watch for is the anti-angiogenic drug. Although it’s still in pre-clinical studies, the theory of its effectiveness is very convincing, based on the concept of angiogenesis – which means a tumor’s accumulation of mass is facilitated by cancer cell division. Inhibitors that hinder blood vessel formation leading to tumors must then be introduced to avoid growth. Both natural and synthetic inhibitors are now under laboratory testing.

  5. Choose from any of the available treatments recommended by the vet and focus on minimizing side effects for your dog’s comfort. You may use pain killers based on the veterinarian’s advice or get a cure for every side effect you’ve noted.

How to cure cancer in dogs is very costly. Be knowledgeable about the whole process before starting a treatment. It is also practical to get a quote estimate of a certain treatment from start to finish. Make sure that your finances will allow the medical expenses for your dog. If circumstances do not allow you to get the best cancer treatment for your dog, just make sure that its suffering is at least lessened. A time may come when you have no choice but to resort to euthanasia or mercy killing to end the suffering.


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