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how to cure cancer naturally

how to cure cancer naturally

Cancer, from the skin to the bone to the breast to the prostate, is the plague to modern living. Every year, more and more people get diagnosed with virtually all types of cancer and the patients are disturbingly getting younger. While treatments abound the medical market, we cannot help but pause to ask, what is the best treatment for cancer? Before seeking to answer that question however, there are two questions we must answer first: ‘What is cancer?’ And ‘How does one develop it?’ The truth is that cancer is deceptively simple. It is when cells grow and multiply at an abnormally fast speed. This accelerated cell growth and division causes masses to grow, which are called tumors. When a tumor is spotted, the doctor assesses its growth and size. If it is contained within an area and has limited growth then it is labeled as ‘benign’ or harmless and non-cancerous. However, if it is found to be growing fast and spreading, it is deemed ‘malignant’ or cancerous. These tumors can release hormones into the body and interfere with your normal body functions. If untreated, it will spread or metastasize into other parts of the body and will eventually be fatal as it clogs your body and prevents normal functions.

are also inflamed and could come with a great deal of pain. The answer to the second question is that one develops cancers through several means. Although medical research cannot identify one true cause of cancer, there are several factors that have been proven to contribute to cancer. One would be genetic disposition. Some people are simply more genetically predisposed to develop cancer than others, while a more controllable factor is one’s lifestyle. Not eating healthy, living a sedentary lifestyle and taking up destructive habits like smoking and drinking makes you very susceptible to developing the disease later in life. In terms of treatment, the conventional methods include chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. These treatments usually do not work by themselves. Usually, if one has surgery, one either has to do radiation or chemotherapy after it. While these treatments have had some success, it also comes with a barrage of side effects. Chemotherapy not only targets cancer cells but compromises healthy cells as well. As a result, one suffers from a seriously impaired immune system and other adverse effects such as nausea, vomiting, hair loss, fatigue and fever. The same is true for radiation. And despite going under the knife, so to speak, surgery does not have a 100% guarantee either, which is why it has to be complimented with either of the two therapies. Which brings us to the question, is it possible to cure cancer through other means? Despite medical misgivings and great deal of discouragement from pharmaceutical companies, there has been a development of natural treatments to cancer. Know however, that no treatment comes risk-free. So before choosing any type of treatment, make sure that you are making a thoroughly informed decision and have consulted a medical professional. So, how to cure cancer naturally? The key to alternative cancer healing is detoxification, and here are several methods you can use:

  1. Go organic. Cancer calls for a diet revamp. Do not consume anything processed, synthetic or artificially cultured. Avoid fruits and vegetables from commercial orchards and farms that are they are bathed in insecticide. Some studies even show that the farmers themselves do not eat their own produce as they are well aware of just how toxic it is. Do not eat commercial root crops; they absorb toxic substances from water mixed with pesticides. Do not use table salt, sugar alternatives or anything with MSG.

  2. Juice up. Give your colon a break from the non-organic sludge and juice up every morning to facilitate a clean-up of your large intestine. All types of citrus as well as apples, pineapples and carrots are great choices. It also gives you a healthy dose of Vitamin C, which boosts the immune system.

  3. Coffee enema. It may sound too unorthodox for your taste, but coffee enemas are tried and tested and necessary to initiate a more effective detoxification. It can be done at home and ideally, must be done twice a day between four to 5 hours. The caffeine theophylline and theobromine allow the vessels to widen, while other enzymes allow bile to be produced in the liver. This prevents your body from reusing old bile with all the toxins and allows the old bile to be removed from your body through the large intestine.

  4. Exercise. Of course, all these have to come with a steady dose of endorphins from a regular and exhilarating workout. Exercise strengthens your body’s systems, facilitates circulation and detoxification.

Knowing how to cure cancer naturally is just one of several steps. One also has to have a strong support system as well as the will and perseverance to battle cancer until the end.


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