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How to Cure Cancer Naturally with Diet

How to Cure Cancer Naturally with Diet

Certain diet and lifestyle changes have been truly helpful for patients with cancer. Over the years, medical practitioners have studied ways on how to cure cancer naturally with diet. Although there are treatments like chemotherapy—a standard procedure to treat cancer—in some cases, a healthy diet may help cure cancer miraculously.

  1. Raw food diet: Basically a vegan diet, it has you eating a lot of vegetables and fruits known to contain nutrients that can kill cancer cells. Avoid eating cooked meals, since cooking kills the enzymes in food. Moreover, you need to avoid processed food, grain-based food, and sugar. If you are eating fruits, make sure that your overall fructose intake is only 25 grams per day. When shopping for fruits and vegetables in the market, avoid genetically-modified food (GMOs), which have potentially harmful carcinogens, stay away from animal products as well such as fats, eggs, and milk. To fully combat cancer, eat only fresh and raw fruits and vegetables. Fruit and vegetable juices and extracts are also very helpful.


    Here are some examples of vegetables known to have powerful cancer-killing properties:

    a. Red beets/Beetroot

    b. Green asparagus

    c. Cabbage

    d. Broccoli

    e. Carrots

    f. Turmeric

    The following fruits contain nutrients that combat cancer:

    a. Blueberries

    b. Strawberries

    c. Black raspberries

    d. Red raspberries

    e. Apricot seeds

    f. Purple grapes (with skin and seeds)

    g. Pineapple

  2. Juicing Fruits and Vegetables

    For patients who are in the late stages of cancer, a diet of solely fruit and vegetable juices, plus water, has been known to alleviate the illness. When you juice fruits or vegetables, you make it easier for your body to digest them and get the necessary nutrients; plus, it’s also easier for you to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables in juice form. You can choose from various juicing recipes that could suit your current condition or tastes. Here’s one proven to naturally treat cancer.

    Cancer-fighting Vegetable Juice: Blend cruciferous vegetables together (e.g., broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage), and slowly add in 4 to 8 cups of carrot juice and beet juice.

    Note: If you notice that your urine is reddish after drinking this juice, fear not because beetroot naturally makes your urine turn red.

  3. Love Your Carrots

    Studies on the diets of cancer patients have found that carrots have reigned supreme in the fight against cancer. Carrots contain pigments called carotenoids, which have cancer-fighting properties. Carrots also contain a wide range of phytonutrients, which have not yet been fully researched, but may be beneficial for cancer patients. In your raw food diet, incorporate as much carrots as possible. If you decide to go on a liquid fast to fight cancer, then drink mainly carrot juice and water.

Consult your doctor or nutritionist first before you incorporate any of the above health tips on how to cure cancer naturally with diet. Your healthcare practitioner can help you design a diet plan specifically for your needs.


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