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how to cure COPD

how to cure COPD

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD, is caused by smoking cigarettes. Once this condition develops, breathing will become more difficult as time goes by. The symptoms are more than just having common coughs. The production of excessive mucus is to the extreme. Chest tightness, shortness of breath, and wheezing also add to the signs of COPD. How to cure COPD is not directed at eliminating the disease but in reducing the symptoms. COPD occurs when the elastic quality of the airways and air sacs is lost or the walls of the airways and cells in-between are destroyed. The airways are also clogged because of the additional secretions due to the infection. There’s also the thickening and inflammation of the walls of the airways that contribute to the worsening illness. COPD’s medications and alternative treatments include:

  1. Antimicrobials are antibiotics prescribed to get rid of infection not caused by any bacteria. A blood or sputum culture will determine if there’s an infection. Ampicillin, Tetracycline, Bactrim, and Amoxicillin are antimicrobials.

    course of antibiotics will be prescribed as well to deal with the problems. It is based on how extensive the infection is. They must be taken completely even if your condition improves. If not, the infectious organism that causes the infection will be resistant to the treatment.

  2. Glutathione therapy eases most of the symptoms of the disease. It’s administered by inhalation. Glutathione in the form of a saline solution aids many COPD patients through a nebulizer twice daily. Instant relief can be felt because the substance helps clear the airways in the lungs.

  3. Homeopathy is another way of relieving COPD symptoms. It’s a medical system involving diluted substances for the treatment of agitations and other discomforts. Homeopaths are the ones responsible for matching the right solutions for certain problems. They must be licensed to be able to administer treatments.

  4. Herbal treatments are also helpful in easing the miseries of COPD. Herbs that can clear out toxins through detoxification, relax inflamed airways, remove obstructions in the lungs include: ginkgo biloba, cayenne, ginger, and more. If you are also taking prescribed drugs, let your doctor know that you are also using these herbs for additional comfort to avoid the wrong combinations. Some drugs are reactive with alternative remedies.

  5. Chest tightness will be relieved by resorting to a shiatsu massage. Pressure is applied by using the hands targeting the joints of the whole body. All the muscles are interconnected with all the internal organs. Relief can be experienced when the connecting muscles are relaxed, and the blood and air can then circulate properly internally. Massage therapists must undergo training to be licensed. Use a reputable massage outlet to make sure that their shiatsu massage is authentic.

  6. Balance your regular diet with nutritious food such as salmon and tuna. Add mackerel or even walnuts because they’re rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Sources of fiber are also good in cleansing your system. You can get this from most fruits and from many vegetables. Whole grains, wheat, and oatmeal are also highly recommended. Milk-based products and other dairy products must be eliminated from your diet because they can augment mucus production.

How to cure COPD requires total dedication by improving the way you live for better health. This will mean that anything that can make a body healthy is needed to be able to recuperate from the condition. You will need the right exercise, psychological backup and, most importantly, pulmonary rehabilitation for those with disabling symptoms. Normal activities must go on, but do not take getting enough rest for granted.


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