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How to Cure Dog Cancer

How to Cure Dog Cancer

Cancer in dogs has become more common these days, and it can’t always be cured. How to cure dog cancer can be best left to the experts, but as long as your dog is not confined in a hospital, then care is left in your hands. Since we love our pets, this becomes mandatory for us to learn. The veterinary medicine is already very advanced and has formulated several options to cure cancer through various methods:

  1. Radiotherapy is the use of radiation to prevent cancer cells from multiplying. The main disadvantage for this is that it also destroys the normal cells. It cannot be known which cells are destroyed during the process of radiotherapy. Furthermore, there is a limit on the amount of anesthesia that can be given to dogs, which therefore limits the radiotherapy that can be given to pets.  This treatment is commonly given to cancers that are not recommended for surgery, such as bone tumors and breast cancers in dogs. There is definitely no assurance that the cancer cells can be totally eliminated and that metastasis will not occur.  Not all cancers respond to radiation favorably.


  2. Chemotherapy is the process that uses drugs such as Oncovin, Lytosar and Endoxana to damage cancer cells. It is usually used to treat widespread cancers like Pseudo Hodgkin’s Disease and Lymph sarcoma.  This can only be given in minimal dosages to dogs as too much can cause animals to be sick. This may not totally cure the cancer, but it will prolong the life of your dog to about three months to a year or so. This can also cause some side effects such as heart problems, loss of appetite, stress and anxiety. Aside from that, it can make the dog very prone to infections and its immune system is lowered substantially. After treatment, utmost care should be given and disinfecting your dog’s living space is a must. Monthly blood tests are also required to test the rate of the cancer cells growing again.

  3. Hyperthermia is a treatment using high temperatures to kill the cancer cells and usually given along with radiotherapy. A temperature of about 44 degrees is subjected to tumor cells and don’t worry - this is not enough to burn any other part of your dog in any way.  It is just likened to a warm bath. Again, there is no guarantee that it can cure your dog.  It can only minimize the spread of cancer cells and would still depend mainly on the reaction of the cancer cells to the treatment.

  4. Cryosurgery is the opposite of hyperthermia, which is using intense cold through liquid nitrogen. This is usually used to treat cancers of the skin and mouth. This has a minimal side effect of de-pigmenting the hair and skin on the affected areas. Again, this is not a total cure but will somehow improve your dog’s condition.

Although not all cancers are malignant, benign cancers in dogs are serious matters. Unlike humans, their tolerance level to treatment is limited. How to cure dog cancer is not easy, and it entails full dedication, time, and effort by the owner.  It can also be very expensive, and you cannot tell how long it will last. Some resort to euthanasia for very severe and irreversible cases - so as to cut short the agony for both the pet and the owner. But since we love our pets dearly, this option is a last resort.


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