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How to Cure Dog Ear Infection

How to Cure Dog Ear Infection

An ear infection can be really irritating and painful. It is important to know what is causing it before you can effectively apply the needed medication and remedies. It is best to consult your veterinarian for the proper diagnosis and medication. There are home remedies but when it is a real ear infection, antibiotics would definitely be needed. It is important for your dog to get rid of the infection soon as it can really get worse and might cause deafness. Here are ways on how to cure dog ear infection:

  1. Do not pluck the hair inside its ears. Hair plucking during an ear infection is not advisable. It will leave holes which will make it more prone to bacteria and yeast infection. Get cotton ball and swab it on your dog’s ear to take off extra fluid. Flush it with a mixture of 1/3 alcohol, 1/3 vinegar and 1/3 water. Do the flushing twice daily until the infection is gone and clean the inner ear thoroughly.

  2. Administer antibiotics and medications prescribed by your vet. They are the best cure for your pet dog’s ear infection.

    ave your dog checked as soon as possible as ear infections are not only irritating but also painful. Prolonging your dog’s agony will be detrimental to its overall health.  If you love your pet, treat the infection as an emergency and have a diagnosis right away. In some states, it is considered animal cruelty if you don’t get proper treatment for your dog’s sickness. Infection caused by yeast infection is usually treated with Chlorhexidine 4% followed by clotramizole ointment. Listen to your vet’s advices and stick to the prescribed medication.

  3. Get over the counter solutions if the ear infection is caused by mites. If left unattended, these dreaded parasites will increase in number causing your dog more discomforts and pain. This is contagious to other pets so keep your infected pet away from other dogs or cats in your household. Mites are easy to treat but you have to be diligent about it to fully eradicate the problem.

  4. Treated with a soothing ear ointment on the inflamed and infected area followed by a topical steroid – if the infections are caused by allergies in food and the environment. When the infection is severe, the vet will recommend antibiotics. Make sure the food you are giving your pet dog is clean and nutritious. Check for fresh supplies as some stocks sold in pet shops are already with molds which contain some allergens. Also give your pet a supplement of Vitamin C to give it more resistance to various diseases and irritants. Sometimes even pollen can cause allergies to your pet just like with humans.

  5. Resort to pain controls vets usually recommend like Duralactin which is very safe and with proven effectiveness. This will relieve your pet from the pain while the other medication is curing the inflammation and the infection. When our pet dog is in pain, it is irritable and the pain caused by ear infection is not a joke - so ask your vet what pain killer you can give to your pet and the proper dosage.

If you care for your pet, it is important to know how to cure dog ear infection. It is recommended that if your dog is so fond of swimming, always check on the ear that it is dried up. Also make its living space allergen- free and tidy it at all times as a preventive measure. If ear infection happens never take it for granted as it can lead to something serious.


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