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How to Cure Dog Mange

How to Cure Dog Mange

Dog mange can be cured easily, but doing so requires much effort and care from you. Your dog is totally dependent on you when it is infested with mange. Without you, the dog can only scratch the itch and bite into its skin until it gets swollen. Then the skin breaks, causing more harm than good. As a dedicated pet owner, you should know how to cure dog mange. These are suggestions that you can try out on your pet:

  1. Consult your veterinarian as soon as you see symptoms of dog mange like constant itching, the thinning of the hair on the head and around the eyes, irritation and skin lesions. Your vet will assess what kind of mites have infested our pet dog and give you instructions on what medication to give and what care to give to your pet. Dog mange or canine scabies is treatable but you have to be consistent to make the medication work.

  2. As itchiness prevails when your dog has mange, it is good to give it some relief by allowing it to soak in cool water, that is, if your dog will allow it. If not, then you have to get a piece of cloth, soak it in cool water, and squeeze it on to the affected areas.

    Applying ground oatmeal can also relieve the soreness and irritation on the skin.

  3. Bathe your dog daily while the mite infestation is prevalent. Apply some medicated or organic shampoo and massage the lather into the affected areas. The suds will irritate the mites and make the area unfavourable for them to breed in.

  4. Olive oil is said to be effective when applied to the affected areas of your dog’s skin. It kills mites and relieves your dog’s skin from being dry and scaly.

  5. The insides of the ears of your dog can also be affected with mange and cause it a great deal of suffering. Wash them with two tablespoons of pure yogurt. This will relieve your pet of the itchiness and soreness inside.

  6. Raw apple-cider vinegar is said to be effective when applied to the affected skin areas. This can also be added to your dog’s food in very small quantities for added effect.

  7. Honey applied directly to the skin can also be very helpful. Honey has a therapeutic effect on swollen skin and on irritation brought about by mange. It is like a natural antiseptic.

  8. Lemon peel boiled in water and applied to your pet’s body can also be of great help. The mites will not like the smell of the lemon; it will irritate them.

  9. A mixture of hydrogen peroxide and borax can also be used for treatment. Just be careful to measure out the proper ratio as advised by your veterinarian as you do not want to hurt your pet. Bathe your dog in this mixture; do not towel it off. It has been proven to be very effective. This can only be done for a short period of time, say two months.

There are several tips for owners who want to know how to cure dog mange, but the most important factors are your perseverance and your constant care for your pet dog. If you are consistent with the medication, good nutrition and good grooming, there is a very big chance that your pet will go back to its healthy state. Make sure your premises and your dog’s living area are kept clean, its beddings are washed and changed from time to time, and its cage is disinfected occasionally. You and your pet can fight dog mange together.


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