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how to cure insect bites

how to cure insect bites

The techniques on how to cure insect bites are first-aid in nature, thus everyone should know them. When an insect bites you, there are things that you should do and things that you should avoid doing to safely handle the bite. More often than not, insect bites are not life threatening. However, a few insects in the wild are very dangerous. They carry stings equivalent to the deadly venom of snakes. If you fail to administrate proper medical attention, venomous stings can cause serious health conditions. Whether or not the insect’s bite is threatening, you should always provide appropriate care. Any available remedy must be applied as soon as possible to minimize swelling and to alleviate the painful stinging effect of the bite. In a worst-case scenario, swelling could lead to an infection. Regardless of the nature of the bite, follow these basic steps to avoid further complication.

  1. Look for the stinger and remove it from the skin. The first thing that you should do when you are bitten by an insect is to remove the sting left by the insect.

    Many types of bees leave stingers in their victims. These stingers, if not removed, can cause additional swelling and damage.

  2. Wash and clean the bite. Washing and cleaning the bite with running water is the ideal procedure. While washing the bitten area, make sure you do not scrub it too hard. Excessive scrubbing can cause further skin swelling.

  3. Wipe the bitten area. After washing the affected area, wipe it with a soft clean cloth. No rubbing. Just wipe it gently or pat it dry.

  4. Apply medication. Applying medication to the insect bite may be done using either natural remedies or synthetic ones. Both have their own relieving effects, but choose the one that is easily accessible and most appropriate.

    One natural remedy is to wipe the bitten area with fresh juice of lemon. This juice is known to be anti-bacterial and protective against swelling. After applying lemon juice, wipe it again and apply oil, preferably cinnamon oil, to minimize itchiness and speed up the healing process.

    The use of synthetic medicines and ointments are also good ways of treating insect bites; however, these remedies may be quite expensive. Anti-histamines are the common medicines that are usually given to victims of insect bites. Anti-histamines will counter and block the histamines that are naturally occurring in the body. They serve as the body’s defense mechanisms against the bite. Ointments are also good because they can reduce swelling and relieve itchy symptoms immediately.

  5. Cover the bitten area. After applying medication to the insect bite, cover the area using a clean bandage or cloth. Covering the bitten area will speed up the skin’s healing process and guard the area from infection.

  6. If necessary, see the doctor right away. If you are uncertain of the nature of the sting, it is prudent to see your doctor for proper medical attention.

The items presented here on how to cure insect bites are indispensable. Whether you or someone you know is suffering from a bug bite, these strategies will prove useful. Remember, insect bites can develop into problems that are more complicated if you fail to attend to them properly.  


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