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how to cure lymphoma

how to cure lymphoma

Lymphoma originates in the immune system cells. It exists when lymphocytes or immune system cells are dividing and increasing rapidly. Lymphoma has two types--Hodgkin's and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Both types create the same symptoms like: lumps in the neck or swelling in the groin. The inflamed lymph nodes hinder proper blood flow in the blood vessels. The blood circulation will be disrupted as well when the veins are thickened or when they accumulate mass deposits. How to cure lymphoma includes surgery combined with chemotherapy and radiation therapy to correct the problem. Lymphoma can be genetically inherited. Carcinogens can also cause the disease along with other lifestyle factors. If you think that you have the chance of acquiring the disease, better go for a diagnostic test as early as possible before the condition becomes life-threatening. The body’s DNA composition can be harmed by carcinogens. Exposure to strong pesticides, Benzene, and solvents can be enough exposure to get the disease. People with a poor immune system are susceptible to the disorder.  Here’s how to cure it:

  1. Once lymphoma is diagnosed, most patients are given chemotherapy.

    aims to destroy cancer cells and stop them from producing. Since it is not only directed to the cancerous cells, most healthy cells are also destroyed. A strategic plan is implemented in the administration of chemotherapy. There’s a pattern to be followed to allow healing time in-between treatments. However, the side effects cannot be avoided like nausea and vomiting.

  2. Go through radiation therapy. High-energy, radioactive rays are used to eradicate cancer cells. Radiation can kill the molecules of a cancerous build-up. Depending on the stage of cancer, radiation therapy is often combined with other treatments for a greater success rate. Skin burns, diarrhea, and a lack or loss of appetite may result after the treatment along with the common side effects of cancer.

  3. Help your body deal with the extremity of the treatments and their side effects by doing some natural cures for lymphoma. Everyone can do it because it will not cost a lot of money. Most of them are actually free. Expose yourself to 20 minutes of sunlight a day in the early morning or early afternoon for your source of Vitamin D. Conduct water therapy to wash away toxins from the body by drinking not less than eight glasses per day. Add some fiber to your daily diet. It will be the perfect source of energy and resistance.

  4. Make your body more comfortable by treating constipation with laxatives. Baking soda mixed with water is very effective in relieving itchiness and a dry mouth. Detoxify using organic beet extracts to clear toxins from the liver. Home remedies are helpful and safe, but it is best to let your doctor know about these natural treatments so as not to create conflicts between the chemical substance and the natural elements. Some products are reactive to specific chemicals.

  5. There’s no harm to incorporate traditional Chinese medicine into your treatments. Acupuncture can drain toxins from the lymph nodes and drive toxins out. Ginseng has anti-inflammatory properties. Art therapy is also a great remedy for stress which is one of the major factors contributing to lymphoma. Engaging in an activity that will create harmony between the mind, body, and well-being is the best way to treat negative emotions. Positivity can really do magic.

  6. Do not allow lymphoma to come back after being treated with the major cancer treatments. Volunteer for an induction therapy. The purpose of induction therapy is to reduce the count of cancerous cells and make their defenses weaker for other treatments to tackle.

The vital principle on how to cure lymphoma is to keep your immune system healthy at all times. Do not expose yourself to viruses. Do not let your defenses be invaded by harmful, foreign substances. Achieve this by applying tested treatments available whether they are medical, natural, or traditional treatments.


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