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How to Cure the Musty Smell From Under Your Breasts

How to Cure the Musty Smell From Under Your Breasts

Everyone has their distinct, personal smell, and although this is not really a bad thing, many are still self-conscious about it. People tend to cover it up with various products like deodorant, cologne, perfume and scented lotions. Today, there are many products that offer to get rid of the smell more easily and conveniently. In some cases though, this isn't as easy when the area is rather private. Here are tips on how to cure the musty smell from under your breasts.

  1. Find the cause of the problem. If you want the solution to a problem, you have to analyze the problem. Most of the time, the smell is due to sweat or rashes, bacteria or fungi that develop due to the buildup of sweat. Sweating is natural, and you can't stop yourself from sweating all the time, so minimizing it or the smell is what you need to do. Also, if you symptoms like itching, the smell may be due to fungal growth. You can easily treat it with antifungal creams that you can have your doctor prescribe.

  2. Shower as often as possible.

    You can clean up the sweat and the accompanying smell by washing up often. Although it isn't always possible, it is an option and indeed a solution. A possible portable option is wet wipes or baby wipes. Find a private spot, such as a bathroom stall, where you can wipe away the sweat from under your breasts.

  3. Change your bras often. "Often" here does not mean bringing extra bras to work and changing whenever you feel sweaty. Rather, this means avoid wearing bras that you have sweated in. The musty smell may originate from under your breasts, but it may also be due to a bra that has collected sweat and thus has bacteria growing on it.

  4. Dry the area. The reason that a smell is present is due to sweat and the microbial buildup that follows. Wiping off the moisture, then drying the area may be very helpful. You can use products like as baby powder, deodorant (there is even a specified deodorant line for under your breasts), or even tissues.

  5. Use antibacterial products. When choosing soaps and body washes, its best to opt for those that contain antibacterial agents. Many bath soaps indicate whether they are antibacterial, so itÂ’s preferable to use them over other beauty soaps that only contain added fragrances or claim to smoothen your skin. You can also apply an antiperspirant/deodorant (these also have antibacterial properties) under your breasts and cap it off with medicated zinc powder to help absorb the sweat, tighten pores and add to the antiseptic action.

  6. Try herbal remedies. Some natural products also work for some women. Lemon juice, for instance, can help keep bad smells at bay. After showering, squeeze some juice onto the area and let it sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing and drying. Applying tea tree oil may also aid in keeping microbial growth at bay as it is a potent antifungal and antiseptic compound.

Many people, especially women, are very sensitive about how they look and smell. Luckily, following these suggestions on how to cure the musty smell from under your breasts can help you feel fresh and more confident.


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