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How to Curl Hair with a Straightener

How to Curl Hair with a Straightener

Hair straighteners are perfect tools to use if you want to make your hair sleek and shiny. However, you can also create soft curls and waves using a thin, flat iron straightener. You just need to master the technique of using your hair straightener as a hair curler. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to create beautiful, loose curls in your hair without having to go to a salon. Here are the steps for how to curl hair with a straightener:

  1. Make sure that your hair is dry before you start. The curls will not hold if your hair is wet or damp. If you just came out of the shower and will blow-dry your hair, apply some mousse before drying to give your hair a little volume, which will enhance your curls. If at all possible, wash your hair the night before you curl it so that you can take advantage of your hair’s natural oils; this will help you style it easier.

  2. Heat up the straightener. Make sure that you are using a thin, flat iron straightener, with a width of around 1 to 2.5 inches.

    Paddle-style flat iron straighteners will not work. The temperature depends on your hair type. Thin, straight hair is easier to curl, so it only requires low heat, while thicker hair requires a higher temperature.

  3. Apply heat-protecting serum on your hair by placing a quarter size amount on your palm, and then applying it from root to tip. This will prevent your hair from being burnt by the heat. You should also comb your hair to get rid of tangles.

  4. Part your hair into sections. You may make a clean part down the middle of your scalp, and then use clips or ties to secure your hair sections. Start curling with the bottom sections, and work your way up, unclipping another layer each time. Complete one side first before starting on the other side.

  5. In curling your hair, grab the section that you want to curl. The amount of hair depends on the type of curl you want. If you want tight curls, start with a small section. Big sections will result in loose curls. You can mix them up to create both loose and tight curls.

  6. While holding one section of your hair, hold the iron with your other hand. Bring the open iron as close to your scalp as possible without touching your skin. Clamp the iron closed, making sure that a section of your hair is in the middle. Grab the hair that is not directly clamped and wrap it around the iron once. The remaining hair should be perpendicular to the floor.

  7. Let go of the hair you are holding so that you can use both your hands in supporting the straightener. Rotate the whole iron 360 degrees towards you with the hair still clamped inside it. Stop when the remaining hair is again hanging perpendicular to the floor. Keep in mind that rolling the iron towards you and rolling it away from you will result in different curls, so be consistent with your style.

  8. After rotating, slowly pull your hair through the flat iron until the entire section of hair has passed through the plates. Do this slowly to make the curls more defined, but do not go too slow and risk burning your hair.

  9. Spray your curls with hairspray to help them hold their shape. You may also tousle your hair to create looser curls and a more relaxed look.

Learning how to curl hair with a straightener lets you explore the different possibilities of styling your hair using just one tool. You can also make crimps on your hair or try out different curling styles with a hair straightener. This is a great way to look great without spending a lot of money.


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