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How to Curl Hair without Curling Iron

How to Curl Hair without Curling Iron

Curls and waves can instantly transform you from drab to fab. Curling your hair is easy with a curling iron, which is a staple product in salons and is also readily available for home use. However, regularly curling your hair with heat can cause a lot of damage to your crowning glory. Fortunately, there are other ways to learn how to curl hair without curling iron. Here are some of the things that you can do to achieve great curls without the use of damaging heat:

  1. Use hair rollers. Before modern curling irons were invented, women used hair rollers to curl their hair. There are many types and sizes of hair rollers that you can use, depending on your hair type and the curls that you want to achieve. Here are the steps for using hair rollers:

    A. Choose the type of hair rollers that you want to use. There are Velcro rollers that are great for naturally smooth and straight hair, although it might take quite some time for your curls to set in. You should also choose between small and large rollers, since the former will result in tight curls, while the latter will produce big, loose waves.

    B. Prepare your hair for curling. Wash your hair a day before you curl it, as washing your hair right before curling will make the process a lot more difficult. In addition, do not use a conditioner since it may weigh your hair down and make it more difficult to hold the curl.

    C. Apply a setting product or cream, as well as a volumizing spray if you want to have bouncing curls.

    D. Divide your hair into three sections—top, middle, and bottom—for easier curling. Start rolling in the bottom section and work your way up. Do not try to roll sections more than two inches wide, since anything more might not curl your hair properly. You should also secure the rollers with their accompanying pins.

    E. Leave the rollers on your hair to set, around 15 to 20 minutes. You may use a hair dryer to speed up the process.

    F. Remove the rollers and mist with hairspray to hold your curls.

  2. Braid your hair. Even though creating curls with braids might take a long time, this is still one of the oldest and most effective methods of curling your hair.

    A. Wash your hair, since this method works best on wet or damp hair. If you want, you may apply a volumizing shampoo and conditioner in preparation for your curls. Towel dry your hair afterwards.

    B. Apply mousse on your hair so that it will retain its curls even after you’ve removed the braids.

    C. Decide how many braids you want; the more braids you make, the tighter your curls will be.

    D. Part your hair into as many sections as you will need, then braid each section. You can do a normal braid or a French braid, but take note that the latter will also make your curls go higher up your scalp. End the braid as close to the tips as possible.

    E. Secure your braids with an elastic band and leave them on your hair for several hours, preferably overnight.

    F. Undo your braids and run your fingers through your hair to remove knots. Style and apply hairspray.

  3. Use strips of cloth. You can make tight curls by cutting an old T-shirt into strips and then rolling the strips into your hair. You may also use socks, towels, or even paper bags for this method. Just make sure that the strips are as wide as you want your curls to be. The strips should be about four inches long.

    A. Wash your hair and apply conditioner to get rid of tangles. Towel dry your hair.

    B. Separate a small section using a comb, and then place the strip at the ends of your hair. Roll it up to the roots (or only halfway if you want to curl only the ends of your hair), and then tie the ends of the strip to hold it in place. Continue doing this with other sections.

    C. Leave the strips on overnight. In the morning, untie them. If you want loose waves, run a wide-toothed comb through your hair.

Learning how to curl hair without curling iron will save it from being damaged by heat when styling. Just choose the method that best suits you and your schedule.


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