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How to Curl Hair without Heat

How to Curl Hair without Heat

If you have straight hair, you may want curly hair from time to time. So it’s best to curl your hair temporarily. That way, if you change your mind and start to miss your straight hair, you can always switch back. Read on to find out how to curl hair without heat:

  1. Braiding your hair and sleeping on it can definitely give you excellent curls in the morning. Before braiding, though, wash it thoroughly. Braids can make your hair curly for a day if they are done while your hair is still wet. The curls will stay in place longer if your hair dries on its own. If you want big curls then make the braids big. Use small braids for small curls. Braiding involves “criss-crossing” hair sections from the top of the head or from your nape (to curl just the ends of your hair). Braiding can be initiated with two or three hair divisions depending on the style.

  2. Forming spirals out of your moistened hair strips and securing them with bobby pins can give you soft spiral curls in the morning.

    e thin portions of hair for fast and effective curling. Take the bobby pins out when the curls have independently formed into sharp spirals. Brush gently, following the curves of the curls to avoid stretching them out. This will relax them a bit.

  3. Creating Bantu knots in damp hair also works. The curls will be defined if set before the hair dries up. The knots constitute a beautiful style, so there is no need to hide them while you have them in. To make them, use the end of a rattail comb to separate your hair into sections. The section size will depend on the curl size you want. Create your preferred pattern of Bantu knots. You can have interlocked triangles, squares or diamonds. Just pick one design and use it consistently.

  4. Resorting to rag curls is economical. This is quite old-fashioned but it is definitely one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to curl your hair. All you need are clean rags. Take a strip of rag and roll each section of hair from the end to the roots. Make the rolls tight, but not too tight. Secure them by tying the end of the rag under the curl. Don’t brush or comb the hair after removing the strips of rags the next day. Just use your hands to shape them and spray with a strong-hold hairspray or apply some gel. Mousse will also make your curls luscious.

  5. Using Curlformers to make your hair curly is easy. Neatly hook hair sections into the stretched out Curlformers. You can insert all your hair into Curlformers within 20 minutes. Keep them on overnight. The next morning, take them off and comb through your hair with your hands. Use strong-hold gel or hairspray to make the curls last long.

  6. Setting your damp hair with rollers is a popular method. You have several options here, but the best is to use satin-covered foam rollers. When you remove the rollers in the morning, make sure your hair is dry or it will straighten out again, wasting your efforts.

Knowing how to curl hair without heat is ideal. Constantly heated hair can easily become dry and brittle. The above curling techniques are best applied when the hair is still a bit damp after washing. Hairspray or strong-hold gel is also mandatory to keep the curls in longer.


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