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How to Cut Cat Nails

How to Cut Cat Nails

Raise your cat in such a way that trimming its nails is part of its regular hygienic routine. Avoid making it a traumatic experience for the cat. Make how to cut cat nails as pleasant as possible. In fact, you can make the cat look forward to it every now and then by arming yourself with its favorite but rare cat treat. Do not do it when your cat is moody or active. The more relaxed it is the better. Here are some tips for successful cat nail trimming:

  1. Check out your cat’s paw while it’s resting on your lap. Be familiar with how it looks and its specific parts. You can’t miss the pinkish flesh inside the somewhat transparent nails. This is called the quick, and it should not be clipped during the cutting process. Concentrate just on the sharp tips of the nails. These must be clipped gently.

  2. Gently press one toe pad of the cat so that the cat will voluntarily reveal its claws. If you can see the nails clearly, you can easily position the nail cutter. Do not use any force when trying to accomplish this task.

    u can do a better job when you and your cat are both comfortable.

  3. Using a sharp nail cutter, hold the cat under your arm so that you can support it firmly in case it moves. Position the cutter at the top of the nail, cutting halfway from the tip to some space away from the quick. You may cut from the sides, forming a right angle to avoid breakage – in case your cutter is not that sharp, but you can always clip it across in one go.

  4. Do not cut too close to the pinkish flesh because this area can bleed if you accidentally cut a bit of it. This will be painful to the cat. Be careful not to cause pain; otherwise, the cat may resist the cutting process in the future.

  5. Just in case bleeding occurs due to unintentional cutting of the quick, comfort your cat. Let it feel the warmth and gentleness of your touch so that it won’t forget that you can be trusted. The bleeding will normally cease almost immediately, but in case of extended bleeding, apply styptic powder to minimize the blood loss.

  6. There’s no set number of times you need to cut your cat’s nails in a year, just check their length every so often. Once the tips have sharpened again, that’s the time to do it. Some cats can grow their nails faster than others – just like human beings.

If you find how to cut cat nails a daunting task, your veterinarian can do it for you. You may have to spare some cash, effort and time, but rest assured that your furniture will be safe from ugly cat scratches. You are also safe from accidental scratches when playing with your cat.


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