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how to date a black woman

how to date a black woman

Dating is something that can add color and meaning to the lives of a number of single men and women in different parts of the world. Many people find it challenging on how to date a black woman, especially if they are non-black. Looking for a date is not like ordering a kind of cake or wine just to satisfy your cravings in the meantime; it is an endeavor that must be dealt with seriously, especially if your purpose is to build a lasting relationship or have someone you can share your life with. Read on below for more tips in terms of dating a black woman.

  1. Make it simple. Befriending someone is not easy, although you can keep it simple by greeting her with a “Hi” or “Hello” without showing her that you are really that shy. When you become friends, you can simply ask her “Are you free on Saturday? Maybe we could have a coffee or something?” There is no need to elaborate on your invitation because if she likes you she’ll say yes; if she is not comfortable with you, she’ll say no or give you excuses.


  2. Bring her to a neutral dating place. This is very crucial since you have to make her feel relaxed and comfortable; you don’t want to appear aggressive on your first date. Bring her to the nearby park or any of the fine restaurants in town. Public places are appropriate for first dates, especially if you are personally meeting a black woman you found online.

  3. Be honest. There is nothing wrong with telling her that it is your first time dating a black woman. In that way, she will appreciate your honesty. Since no one is ever pleased to be lied to, don’t lie. If your purpose for dating her is just for friendship, let her know.

  4. Show interest while you are talking. According to blackpeoplemeet.com, “the key is to be interested, but not too interested.” Necessarily, you have to engage into a sensible and meaningful talk without exaggerating things. If she opens a topic about herself, feel free to ask questions which are neither invasive nor personal. Every time you ask a question, you make her feel that you are deeply interested to know her more. Don’t overdo your queries because that can possibly scare her.

  5. Never brag about yourself. Although most black women have high standards in terms of dating men, that doesn’t mean you have to pretend just to impress her. Be yourself and stay natural. It is wrong to boast excessively. Black women are not likely to be impressed by your salary, outstanding profession, or any form of accomplishment in life. However, if she throws a question pertaining to what you do in life, just answer her casually without elaborating further.

  6. Be open-minded. If she raises an idea that you don’t seem to agree with, never rebut nor argue with her. Remember, she has her own cultural background and has been raised differently. These factors must have affected her outlook in life and how she sees things around her. The best thing to do is to gain new insights with what she has to say.

Learning how to date a black woman includes going to the right place. If you are faking your confidence, a black woman can easily detect that. It is better to act naturally. Although, most black women prefer to meet and date someone within their race, you can still take your chances. After all, love knows no race, color, religion, creed, or cultural practices.


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