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how to date a Chinese girl

how to date a Chinese girl

Love is a universal concept. Regardless of ethnic origin, race, culture, color, or religion, love conquers all. Even then, men must still accord respect to the norms and practices in every culture. These days, many people are still looking for answers on how to date a Chinese girl properly. Since they are regarded as some of the most conservative women in the world, dating a Chinese girl can be a little difficult. Just in case you fall in love with a Chinese girl, refer immediately to the following steps:

  1. Meet her family. After becoming friends, wait further for the moment that you become comfortable with each other. Thereafter, exert efforts to convince her to allow you to visit her home. Paying respect to her family home is very important. Once you are able to do so, her family members may initially conclude that you are indeed dead-serious in your intentions.

  2. Be honest to earn her trust. This is very common in almost all cultures in the world.

    Keeping your honesty increases your chances to finally win her. Once a Chinese girl starts to trust you, the succeeding steps become easier to surpass. Trust is gained by being honest.

  3. Don’t be late on your dates. The privilege of being late during dates belongs to her, not to you. If Western women are quite particular in arriving on the dot, that does not hold true for Chinese women. For yourself, you have to be punctual. Never attempt to ask her why she’s late. Instead, express a compliment that she spent enough time to make herself look more beautiful.

  4. Try a less conventional type of dating. The usual treats like movies, parks, or dinner for two are good options. However, most modern Chinese women are inclined to venture more for some other ways of dating. For example, you can offer her a cup of beverage while in a perfect ambiance; this can make her feel relaxed and comfortable.

  5. Don’t be too formal. Avoid wearing a formal suit and tie when dating. Generally, Chinese women are not attracted to well-kept men. They normally prefer men who look less formal. When it comes to your personality, a down-to-earth attitude is a real advantage. Stay respectful and keep you manners at all  times.

  6. Avoid using strong perfumes. Most Chinese women have a very sensitive sense of smell. They can get turned off and make ironic conclusions as to why you are using strong scents. Therefore, it is wise that you use a perfume that has a very mild scent.

  7. Don’t forget the flowers. Every time you go out or see her at home, make sure you have a bunch of flowers for her. Flowers can fill the air with magic. Choose lovely colors such as reds and pinks. Beautiful roses combined with lilies symbolize a lasting love.

  8. Stand out from the rest. Too often, Chinese women have lots of suitors and admirers. Your edge is to impress them with your firm intentions. When they test your motives, don’t fall into their traps. Just simply prove your worth to them without necessarily appearing like you are Mr. Right.

  9. Have many dates and be idolized by many. Most Chinese women admire men who are idolized by many girls. Thus, don’t just concentrate on one date; have many dates to widen your choices.

Dating a Chinese woman needs a little extra effort and adjustments, especially if you are a foreign guy. These adjustments are necessary so you don’t become a deviant to the prevailing dating norms with Chinese women. Your success largely depends on your knowledge about the rudiments on how to date a Chinese girl.


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