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how to date a divorced man

how to date a divorced man

Failed marriages that end up in a divorce are quite common these days and it is more likely that you will have a divorcee for a date.  How to date a divorced man will entail some extra ordinary preparations for you.  Being ready for this will be an advantage and can be a tool to avoid unnecessary friction.  This can also be a key to a successful, new romantic relationship with him. Here are suggestions that may help:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask relevant questions.  Find out what caused the divorce, how long ago it was, and if your date is now over it.  Talking excessively about the ex-wife is an indicator that he is still not over it.  Saying negative things about her can also mean he is still angry and bitter about their separation.  Lending an ear will definitely endear you to him, but you need to have some limitations too as it can begin to irritate either of you.

  2. Don’t give in too soon.  Divorced men have been through a sad experience and maybe they are just longing for a new partner.

    e it is you that he wants and not just making you a spur of the moment conquest while taking away his anxieties caused by his broken marriage.  Depending on what you want, make sure it is you who is the subject of his interest.

  3. Be aware that a divorced man has an ex-wife and probably children too.  Ex-wives have the tendency to still somehow control their former husbands especially when it comes to child support and child care.  At times this becomes too annoying to your new relationship especially when she chooses to always be visible and demands for her ex to spend more time with their children.  Be patient and be confident that it is you who is now the apple of her ex-husband’s eyes. This is why she is already the ex-wife.

  4. Learn to accept and care for his children too.  His child or children will remain a permanent part of his life unlike the ex-wife who is already detached.  You don’t have to be extra nice to them but at least be kind.  Children of divorced couples also suffer emotionally and therefore will need more love and support.  As a substitute mother figure, your date will appreciate you all the more.

  5. Don’t shy away from your date and his ex-wife’s common associates and friends.  Your date may be very close to them, and he may not welcome the idea of detaching from them as well.  It is best you try to befriend them and mingle comfortably along with your date.  You will definitely be a welcome addition to their group, and your confidence will make your date more proud of you.

  6. Learn from your date’s past relationship as well as your own if you have any.  Applying the lessons learned with definitely strengthen your budding relationship and can be a tool to avoid another divorce in the future.  Invest in quality time together and just be yourself.  No need for you to be like someone else and certainly not like his ex.  Your own persona will be more interesting and attractive to him.

Learning how to date a divorced man may not be as easy as dating a single guy, but the results may be more rewarding as experiences always make us more mature.  Surely he has learned some lessons from the previous marriage to make sure that the present one will last longer if not a lifetime.  Remember that the happiness of a couple does not depend on his status; it depends on how they are together.


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