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How to Date a Girl

How to Date a Girl

Dating a girl is serious business. Although you and she may think you’re just doing a casual thing, chances are that the more time you spend together, the greater the possibility that it will lead to something bigger and deeper. If you’re dating a girl at all, then do so properly. You will not only be making her happy, you will also grow from the experience and enrich your life in many different ways. So here’s how to date a girl.

  1. Be prompt and presentable. There’s nothing more disappointing for a girl than a guy who’s unreliable, and who seems to think that other things are more important than her. If you want her to take you seriously, be a guy she can trust. And if she’s not someone you can take seriously, either, then don’t waste her time and yours. Make an effort to look good and practice good hygiene.

  2. Be gentlemanly. We know chivalry is considered either dead or passé. But gentlemanliness is actually just good manners in action. If you take the time and trouble to date a girl, then treat her well.

    our coat if she is cold, pull out her chair, open the door for her. All those things show you’re thinking of her welfare and want what’s good for her.

  3. Be attentive and caring. Be sensitive to her mood and her responses. If she’s feeling down or out, listen to her vent. Don’t jump in with advice, declare the problem solved, and expect her to snap out of it. Women usually know the right thing to do, they just process things differently than men, and most of the time they just really need to think out loud. Be supportive and let her know you’re there for her. Pay attention to her emotional needs at the moment, not the actual problem at hand, unless she comes right out and asks for your help. Most of the time, a girl just needs to know someone is on her side to give her support in doing what she knows she must do. She usually just needs you to back her up when she’s being her own hero.

  4. Be adventurous and creative. Do something unique and different every now and then to keep her excited in anticipating your next dates. Do completely random and nice things for her. Flowers, chocolates, cards, picnics, serenades, and gifts may not be unique, but there’s a reason they are still staples of romance: it’s because they work. You can inject uniqueness and creativity in looking up new ways to do, make, or deliver them. These always serve to soften a girl’s heart and make her glad to go out with you.

  5. Be around. Even when you’re not out on a date, make her feel your presence. Call her when you say you will, and sometimes even when she least expects it. Write her. Text her. Email her. Send sweet nothings and little somethings.  And even if you didn’t set a date, if she isn’t feeling well for any reason, show up.

The reason for going out on dates is to get to know a person better and to explore the possibility of a future together. But even after you enter into a full commitment with her, it doesn’t mean you stop dating her. You need to keep your relationship fresh, interesting, and mutually fulfilling. The more you date your girl, the better you will know each other, the sweeter and deeper your feelings and intimacy will become. There is nothing more beneficial and essential to your relationship’s well being. Hence, you will primarily benefit if you learn how to date a girl, and learn it well.


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