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how to date a Jewish girl

how to date a Jewish girl

People who wish to know how to date a Jewish girl must be looking for someone to marry. However, dating a Jewish woman is not as easy as you think; it usually involves the members of the whole family. If they find you unfit for the role of husband, your relationship may be in trouble. Love is a universal thing; it transcends beyond religion, culture, race, creed, and color. The initial rejection you get from a Jewish girl or from her family should serve as a challenge for you to go on. Whether Muslim, Christian, or Jewish – you have to observe appropriate gestures while dating, or else your search for love will turn into a disaster. To be successful on your Jewish date, here’s what to do.

  1. Find a Jewish woman to date. One of the easiest and most convenient ways to find a Jewish girl is to join an online dating site, particularly a Jewish dating site. Some of the top-ranking dating websites that focus on a specific group of people with a specific religious orientation include jdate.com, jewishfriendfinder.

    m, and jewishmingle.com. The advantage of online searching is you can do it at home during your free time.

    You can also participate in a number of local events, usually for free, that gather Jewish women. Inquire at the nearby synagogue as to when they will hold an event for singles; that will be a potential way to find a Jewish girl to date.

    Moreover, you can ask a Jewish friend to introduce you to his or her Jewish acquaintances that are open for dating. It is not unusual among Jewish women to undergo a pre-arranged date, usually done by their family members and trusted friends. In fact, it is an acceptable way to meet a Jewish girl.

  2. Learn about her religious outlook. When dating a Jewish woman, it is crucial that you inquire about her religious status – whether she is a Jewish-born or has been raised under the Catholic teachings. You cannot simply assume when it comes to her religious preference and practices. Of course, you have to disclose your religious identity too at the onset.

  3. Inquire about her future plans. Knowing what she has in mind for the future includes her ideals and values in life, especially if you are dating for marriage. It is entirely fair to ask about her plans in terms of work, number of children, and where she wants to settle down eventually. A number of Jewish women prefer to move to Israel in the later part of their lives after marriage. Matters like these are factors that you can squarely discuss with her.

  4. Study the Jewish religion. Jewish women can find you fascinating if you decide to take up a class about the Jewish belief. You can study anything that they find interesting, such as the Torah or how to explore Israel. Once you do this, you have high chances of winning her since you can share the things that you have been learning. In other words, you have plenty of topics to talk about.

    In particular, Jewish women live their lives in accordance with the teachings of the Torah. Therefore, if you plan to have a lasting relationship with your date, understanding the Torah is a real advantage.

  5. Respect her practices. Jewish women normally observe the lighting of candles as a major part of their religious belief and practices. It is a practice that signifies spirituality, devotedness, and closeness. Therefore, you should be respectful to any religious symbols and artifacts you see around. If you want to know more about their practices, it is permissible to ask questions politely.

Jewish dating can be extremely difficult and frustrating, especially if don’t know how to date a Jewish girl and you are not a Jewish yourself. At the end of the day, you may even realize you want to just look for a girl who is not a Jewish. However, there is no reason to be afraid of pursuing the Jewish girl you like. As you master the dating tips discussed, maintain your confidence and the rest will just fall into place.


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