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how to date a Jewish man

how to date a Jewish man

Religion must not be a hindrance in finding true love. No one wants to change church affiliations especially if one is brought up following the teachings of one’s beliefs. Nevertheless, interfaith marriages can happen, or at least one will join the other’s religion before marriage. How to date a Jewish man can be filled with technicalities, but love can withstand anything, so this should not be a big deal for you when you are in love with a Jewish man. Here’s how to deal with things:

  1. Familiarize yourself with Judaism. Find out if he belongs to the Conservative or Orthodox order. Learn more about the specifics and see if their teachings are in line with your principles. If you like what you’ve learned, consider going through the process of becoming Jewish yourself. Do not get baptized into the religion just because of your date. Decide only when you have built a strong, doctrinal foundation. This way, even if the relationship sours, you are still motivated to continue the affiliation.

  2. Understand his ways and practices.

    s will be easier after knowing the background of the Jewish faith. Know how to cook kosher-friendly cuisines so that you can invite him for a comfortable meal at home. Get to know him as a person and not just his religion because this can be separate things. There are people that are hiding behind their religion and not really practicing good teachings.

  3. If you both are serious about your relationship, take some steps for changing your religion before being introduced to his Jewish family. Jewish families have strong bonds with each member. They might be resistant of your being an outsider. Make sure that this is what you want and not just a sacrifice so that life will not be that tough for you. Love and faith should be there to make us happy and fulfilled.

  4. If you are very committed to your religion and it will break your heart to leave it, express this to your Jewish date. If he strongly rejects the idea of interfaith marriages and is not open at all to changing his religion, you have to decide either to lose him or to sacrifice your faith. A Jewish man in love must be able to compromise with your wishes. Anything is possible for two people who treasure each other. Never let this kind of problem get in the way of your relationship.

  5. If the merging of faith is impossible, find common ground for spirituality in your life together. Get involved with his faith in whatever way you can. As a couple, you will be happier when you grow together in faith and love. Doing things together for the service of God and mankind will strengthen your personal relationship. Teamwork can still happen even if you officially have different religions.

You might not expect to fall for a Jewish guy and how to date a Jewish man may never enter your mind. But what if one day you’re caught up in this kind of circumstance? Are you willing to become Jewish yourself or forget your love for him? In all honesty, it is not advisable to think about a problem that is not happening yet. Deal with it when the situation already exists. Just do not discriminate in finding the love of your life. We are all human beings that must not be divided because of religion.


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