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how to date a man

how to date a man

Is there a man out there who makes your heart beat a little faster? It could be the guy next door, at school, at work, or maybe at the nearby local coffee shop. You are so lucky because he finally asks you out on a date. The problem is you don’t exactly know how to date a man. Since you don’t want to lose the chance to date the man that you like, you better study the dating tips below:

  1. Keep your confidence. Most men love to date a woman who appears confident, smart, and witty. Work on your physical appearance by being healthy and fit. To look mega attractive, make your face, teeth, hair, skin, and nails clean and appealing. Maintaining excellent personal hygiene is very important in order to improve your self-confidence and self-esteem. In other words, your attitudes to yourself can either turn on or turn off your date.

  2. Identify your blind spots and fix them. These include bad breath, horrible body odor, dishonesty, bad language, poor manners, excessive gossiping, and insensitivity.

    hese are things that you usually cannot notice but are very evident to the people around you. If you don’t work on these blind spots before your date takes place, your date can turn into a disaster.

  3. Practice the so-called people skills. Before going out on a date, it is crucial that you master your people skills in order to attract your date. Your objective is to be able to engage him into a deeper and sensible conversation. These people skills are: open up a topic in a subtle way, never argue, never criticize, never complain, make your date feel important, and give compliments. Once you have mastered all of these, then you are more than equipped to go out on a date and build a new romance.

  4. Know when to listen and when to talk. These twin rules are very important in order to impress your date. It is a matter of letting him know that you are aware of the fact that conversation is a two-way process, which means you know when to listen to what he has to say, and when to come in to present your side. When he talks, stay focused and digest his points.

    When it’s your turn to talk, clarify some of his points to let him realize that you were actually internalizing his ideas earlier. If there is anything that he doesn’t like about your ideas and opinions, never rebut nor argue. Just lay the issues on the table.

  5. Take off the pressure. This means you should be able to lower his guard. The best way to do it is to add humor into your conversation. When he cracks a joke, laugh naturally. If he talks so fast, tease him on that aspect. Never hide your teeth when there is enough reason to laugh out loud. If he is a shy type of guy, try to encourage to him to come out naturally. This will give him an idea that you are getting more comfortable with him.

  6. Let him appreciate your best. There is nothing wrong if you try to highlight your “hottie” side like your feminine qualities and the fact that you are sexy. Let him discover your “sweetie” side by showing him you are warm, caring, sensitive, and kind. Of course, your “real” side is your true character that defines you as a decent person is also very important. Showing these three sides about yourself can make him expect so much more from you. When that happens, there is a big chance that you can end up being lovers.

Your love life can become sour, disappointing, or frustrating if you don’t know how to date a man in the proper way. You would not want to turn him off on your first date. Going out on a date with the man that you love can result in a formal love affair and eventually a lasting relationship. The bottom line is you need to act as a woman who deserves all the best in life. Carry yourself with pride and dignity and appear like a good catch so you can fully attract your man and make him fall in love with you.


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