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how to date a man with children

how to date a man with children

Children are symbols of laughter to a family-oriented man. They remain part of a man’s quest for a better life. What will happen if you fall in love with a guy who has kids from a previous marriage? Would you pursue him, deny what you truly feel, or find ways to understand how to date a man with children? A responsible man with children has a personal vow that no matter what happens, his children’s welfare is of paramount importance. Nonetheless, it will likely come into his mind too that he needs someone he can be with for the rest of his life. This is the point wherein a woman’s role comes into the picture once again. If you are a woman who likes men of a father-figure stature, the following guides can help you make the relationship work:

  1. Ask yourself and think prudently. After falling in love with a man with kids, the second phase is for you to ask yourself whether you are ready to face bold challenges that surely await you in his life as a single dad. Think of the options that are good for you without immediately deciding that you will go on a date with him.


  2. Know his story. It is fair if you will try to know who was at fault which resulted in the failure of his previous marriage. You have the right to initially inquire about his life so you won’t fall into the trap of being his next victim, if such is the case. The information you gather will help you decide whether to go forward or not.

  3. Accept that his children are his number one priority. You can’t expect that you’ll be number one on his list. Condition your mind that his children are his main concern. So you need to be flexible about his situation. Understand him with regard to his children. If you do, he will highly appreciate it.

  4. Be honest with him. Tell him what you truly feel about his past. Honesty will bring out the best for both of you. It will allow you to assess the situation whether it is still healthy or not to continue dating him.

  5. Comfort him. Whenever you are around, make him feel secure and happy. Who knows, this might be the missing link in his failed marriage. Always make him feel special in everything that you do with him.

  6. Ask about his ex-wife. By doing so, you can measure the degree of his recovery from his failed marriage. This might be a little bit tricky, but just do it in the most subtle and professional way in order not to turn him off. If you can assess that he has totally gotten over his past relationship, there is a greater chance that dating with him will work out just fine.

  7. Meet his children. When your relationship is gaining strong grounds, it is time to reveal yourself to his children. The kids should be aware about you because you have to deal with them as well. Let the kids know your connection to their father. Be a friend to them and have extra patience.

  8. Deal positively with his ex-wife. If it is inevitable that your roads will meet along the way, be cordial to her even if she is not. Offer friendship even if she does not like it. Do not engage in a verbal or badmouthing scene with her. It is best to keep your composure and show some class.

Dating a man with kids is really a big challenge. If you have the courage to go forward, just follow the points discussed above on how to date a man with kids. Developing a strong relationship with a man with kids may take time. Just hope that you will finally settle down in the end and live a happy life with his kids.


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