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how to date a pregnant woman

how to date a pregnant woman

You must be very much in love to be able to date a pregnant woman. Dating is already a challenging event in our lives, but how much more if the woman you desire is pregnant with somebody else’s child? The friction is unimaginable, and it’s also bizarre knowing that there are men who will date only pregnant women. There might be psychological reasons behind it, but regardless of the situation, the ways on how to date a pregnant woman below might help:

  1. There are no laws that will get violated if you date a pregnant woman as long as she is single and she is already separated from the father of her unborn child. Many people might be against it including your family, but it’s still your call. You should be the best person to know if you are doing the right thing if you are the one who knows the pregnant woman quite well.

  2. Do not attempt to date a pregnant woman if you do not have enough patience and understanding. Hormonal changes will be causing mood swings for the pregnant woman.

    though this is only temporary, it can really test your patience. Do not argue with her when this happens. Let her relax by being so kind and supportive. Take her for a walk to have some fresh air or organize a picnic in the garden. She will need more affection during these times. You’ll win her over by being so considerate.

  3. If you are intending to father the child that she is carrying, you have a big chance now. Expose your pregnant date only to safe environments. Do not allow your girlfriend to sit in the bar with you when you are having a drink. Cigarette smoke can be hazardous to the baby. Accompany her instead to her regular pre-natal checkups and when taking part in the exercises for pregnant women. She will feel so lucky having a guy like you at her side during her difficult times. She will always think of your kindness when your relationship is in turmoil keeping her loyal to your commitment.

  4. Be ready for the emotional baggage of your pregnant girlfriend. She may have some relationship issues because of her traumatic experience with her ex. Be open to talk about this. And if you are really open with her, give her the assurance that you’ll always be beside her whatever happens. Be more loving, caring, and affectionate during this time. She will need it badly.

  5. Dating a woman with children and dating a pregnant woman have some advantages and disadvantages. Taking on a ready-made family might have some issues with regards to older children. If you are already in their lives even before the baby was born, acceptance will be very natural on the part of the child. You will also have a stronger bond with the child when you are already taking on the responsibilities of a father before birth.

There are many men who are courageous enough to date a pregnant woman. How to date a pregnant woman takes a lot of sensitivity on the part of the man. You will only feel awkward when you are not sure about your decision. Unconditional love is very important, and no one can question you about this. Just make sure that you are in this for good because a pregnant woman will not take you in if she just wants to have a fling. It will be too hard for her to prioritize her wants when she has a baby to think about.


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