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how to date a single dad

how to date a single dad

Love knows no time, space, age, or even circumstance. One day, you will stumble upon a guy and fall in love with him at first sight. You are eager to pursue your beating heart, and later on you hear somebody call him “Daddy.” Would this event send horror into your mind and stop you in your love tracks? Hopefully, the answer is “no.” You must find ways on how to date a single dad successfully. There is no short cut in going into a love relationship. It should start with friendship and dating. So how will you deal with someone who is a single dad? How can you make it work? The points below can help you get through the situation:

  1. Sit back and think. Before you decide, think of the possible consequences of dating a guy who has kids. This is truly not easy. There are many things you need to adjust and bargain on such as time, attention, and affection. Remember, he has children to look after every day.

  2. Consider that his kids are his top priority.

    must accept the fact that you cannot compete with his kids or else you’ll lose. You have to be patient and understanding. If there are times that he cannot be with you because his little boy is sick, don’t hold that against him. You shouldn’t be complaining about divided attention.

  3. Be flexible. There may be times of emergency which can render him no longer in control of the situation. For example, when his kids have important school activities and the teacher has to see him at the same time, or when his ex-wife wants to change the days of visitation, be the first person to lend a helping hand.

  4. Don’t be in a rush when meeting his kids. Both of you must agree as to when you shall see his kids. If he has specific terms, just follow them. After all, he knows his kids better than anyone else. When you become their stepmother in due time, be prepared to face the fact that you can’t replace their real mom. Just love the kids naturally, and hopefully they will reciprocate your gestures.

  5. Respect their mother. Regardless of the situation, always show reverence to their mother. Be cordial when she is around. If the kids subject you to verbal abuse in front of their mother, just take it easy; don’t show that you are affected. Hold your ground, keep your silence, and do not retaliate. If necessary, just walk away. With such a demeanor, the kids will be impressed with your composure. Eventually, they will learn to respect and accept you.

  6. Go on dates together with the kids. This is one way of nurturing the bond between you and his kids. Your relationship with them will take time for it to develop. Just be patient, and don’t lose hope. Little by little and through the passage of time, you will gain their trust, affection, and love. Sometimes the best way to the heart of your desired single dad is through his kids

  7. Plan a romantic date. When the children are with their real mother, grab that opportunity to spend a romantic moment with him. Make the date extra-special and focus all your attention on him. It is a matter of making the most of your time together. Special moments with you will make him ponder that he needs a person like you in his life.

Dating a single dad requires extraordinary perseverance, dedication, and effort. To be successful, you have to extend not only your understanding but your patience too. Fortunately, these simple ways on how to date a single dad will serve as your guide all throughout the process. For more insights, search online for related articles or read books that talk about dating, relationships, or marriage.


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