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how to date a white girl

how to date a white girl

Dating white girls is not easy, although they are considered some of the most liberal women on earth. While their dating styles may not be too conservative compared to other women, there are still a number of dating rules they are looking for men to observe. To be successful, you should have first-hand knowledge on how to date a white girl. Take these simple ways and find out for yourself.

  1. Be Mr. Nice guy. Most white girls love guys who are nice. Project that you are a good catch. Often, a white girl prefers to date a guy whom she can be proud of in front of her family and friends. As you make your initial approach, stay cool and charming. Be nice all along the way, so you don’t appear irritating or intimidating.

  2. Research for further information. Once you have initially known each other during the first encounter, further inquire about her personal information. You can go to social networks and search for her name, and then study her personal account.

    There you can find significant information pertaining to her, including her preferred flowers and foods.

  3. Know her likes and dislikes. White women love guys who take the initiative. For example, if she loves Hershey’s chocolate bars, give her some. Doing so will definitely increase her interest. The same holds true about her dislikes. Doing anything that annoys her will certainly turn her off. Be careful not to trigger her dislikes.

  4. Send her greeting cards. Show affection by sending cards during special dates like her birthday, Valentine’s Day, and holidays. Sending a plain greeting of love during ordinary days can make her feel good and happy. This will awaken her interest towards you.

  5. Make yourself attractive. White girls like men who are physically attractive, masculine, and clean. If you want to be recognized and stand out from the rest, you must be in good shape. Have a nice, clean-shaven face and apply lightly-scented cologne. Impress her with your fantastic overall appearance.

  6. Be close to her friends. Knowing her circle of friends will make you closer to her. Besides, you can elicit valuable information from her friends regarding her personal characteristics and qualities. Once you are in, she will feel more comfortable with you.

  7. Talk to her privately. Once you notice that she feels confident being with you, invite her into a private talk. Talking to her privately is a prelude for better things to come between the two of you. Feel free to open up topics that interest you both. Also, you have to show a good sense of humor in order to keep the conversation alive.

  8. Visit her at home. This is your chance to formally meet her parents. This move will make her feel secure and will impress her folks. Of course, don’t forget to bring an arranged bunch of flowers for her. Stay nice and cordial to her parents and family members. If you find her brother or sister irritating, just don’t mind them.

  9. Have a nice date. Choose a better venue where both of you can have a healthy conversation. Be on time, especially if you offered to pick her up at home. Wear a comfortable suit. Clean your car and apply some air freshener. As for the foods, choose light meal recipes.

Dating in general does not have to be expensive, regardless of the place and the persons involved. In case you find it difficult how to date a white girl, start by ascertaining in yourself that you are sincere and honest in your intentions, and then take it from there. You will never go wrong as long as you know how to make her feel special.

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