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how to date a white woman

how to date a white woman

Regardless of nationality, women deserve to be respected. Generally speaking, white women are perceived to be more emancipated than Asian, Latin, and black women. Nevertheless, they are still women that need to be treated as such. How to date a white woman is not complicated at all. You just have to learn more about her culture and where she’s coming from. The following hints may give you more insights in making your date with a white woman successful:

  1. Never assume that your white date is very liberated like what most international movies portray. Get to know the person, her background, and the company she keeps. This is the best way to be familiar with her culture. No need to please her with elaborate gifts. Being a gentleman is the greatest gift for her. She may be a successful career woman, but it does not mean that she does not want you to buy her nice dinners.

  2. Enhance your getting-to-know-each-other stage by doing activities that you both like. You have to be honest on this one because you will also deceive yourself if you try to act like you have the same interests even if you don’t.

    espite having contrasting personalities, you will always find common ground if you really care about going deeper into the relationship.

  3. Know her favorite hangout places and friends that she is spending time with. If you really want to be a part of her life, you should not let her choose between you and her friends. Find out if you can see yourself among those people she treasures and if you are comfortable in that spot where she wants you to belong. This is a very strategic way of knowing if she also cares for you.

  4. She may be very independent, but a white woman will also appreciate being assisted gently by the man that she looks up to. Simple gestures like pulling her chair out to be seated comfortably while dining in a restaurant will make her feel like a woman who is cherished by a decent man. This is worth more than any material things you can bestow upon her.

  5. Be straightforward with your intentions. Are you in for a serious relationship or do you just want to have a temporary companion while you are away from your home country? Do not make promises that you cannot keep. There are white women who are open to casual relationships if that’s what you are looking for. Just don’t make pretentions because it can backfire on you.

  6. Make it clear if you have intentions to see her again by asking her out for a second date. Read her body language to determine if she likes you also. If she is comfortable being near you, you have a great chance. If she is trying to avoid having eye contact with you and seems to not be enjoying your company, then you can thank her for the time and just say “goodbye” politely. This might give her the hint that you are a respectable guy that is worth having in her life.

How to date a white woman is not hard to determine if it’s going somewhere or not. Just be observant how happy you both are while spending time together. Try not to be intimate with her too quickly. She might get the idea that you just want to be sexual with her. Find ways to be helpful with her to have more access into her private life. It will be hard to reject a noble man.


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