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how to date a woman with a child

You have found the perfect woman and you are certain you want to make your move to get to know her, but you suddenly find out that she’s already a single mommy to a child. Do you freak out or go on by showing her your true and pure intentions? Although this may come as a shock to you and require more than a little sacrifice, it should not be a cause to fret or break away from your true feelings. When the woman shows even the slightest interest in you, both of you now have the responsibility to be careful when entering into the dating scene.

  1. How to date a woman with a child may differ from dating single women but when you give it a try and pursue it, you might just end up with a beautiful and lasting relationship, even if that means you will have an ‘instant family’ to call your own.

    Here are some tips on how you can be successful when dating a woman with a child:

  2. Be creative. Previously, you had the luxury of asking a woman out anytime you wanted, but now you have to be a little creative and wiser when planning dates.

    u may have to set your dates at least a week or two weeks in advance. This should not make your relationship dull or stained, but it should keep the excitement between the two of you as you work toward that date. Meanwhile, just be creative in your ways of showing love and support. A call or email each day can also bridge the gap of what is seemingly a ‘long distance relationship’.

  3. Be spontaneous. Keep your communication lines constant and open. Spontaneity may just be around the corner and waiting for you to show up. Maybe the woman is just as eager for you to show it to her. Spontaneity is also part of the strategic planning that you have to create with your partner.  Bear in mind that she has lived the past years of her life under a day-to-day schedule wherein she has put her child in the priority list. Show a little effort by learning her schedule as much as possible, then plan your spontaneity according to what fits her schedule.

  4. Include her child when going out. Getting to know the child of the woman of your dreams should be at the top of your “to-do” list. This will also bring you closer to the heart of the child and he or she will not feel threatened by your presence. Plan and create dates that you can bring the child on, such as visiting the museums or aquariums. Or, if the child is into sports, go out with him or her to play basketball or football. Show the child that you are interested in what he or she does. By doing this, you will bridge the gap regarding your woman’s time and availability.

  5. Plan and set up bonding time for her child and your nieces and nephews. Before you go out on a date with her, you either have the option of getting a babysitter or setting up play dates where you can leave her child with your nieces and nephews. The former can become a little too costly and you may have a hard time getting one at the last minute, plus the mom or you may have trust issues with the babysitter. The latter can become advantageous for the both of you as the child bonds with the family and safety is assured.

  6. Build a relationship with her child. In a relationship with a single parent, you will never discount the child as being part of your relationship. Her most cherished treasure may still have trust issues towards you dating his or her mother, so there is no need to rush things. Take it easy and one step at a time. Soon, you will surely gain his or her confidence in you.

Dating a single mom may be a little difficult because it takes a lot of sacrifice, respect and understanding. The success of your relationship with her and her child depends on the strategies you take on how to date a woman with a child. You should not just invest on what your pocket can give her and her child, but also show her that you are a reliable addition to their lives.


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