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How to Date a Woman with a Child and Win Her Love

How to Date a Woman with a Child and Win Her Love

If you’re wondering how to date a woman with a child and win her love, you need to refer to the basic principles of dating a woman. A woman with a child is still a woman. To woo her and win her over, you need to show interest in what pleases her heart. Granted, a child adds something weighty to the equation: A single parent has more responsibilities and concerns than a single woman. But keeping the following tips in mind may help smooth things out for you. Remember:

  1. She is a woman. An individual. No matter how many women and single parents you know, her situation is unique and so is she. Don’t allow stereotypes to blind you to her worth as a potential mate. As a female, she will want to be treated respectfully, cherished, and cared for. Treat her as you would any other female you decided to date.

  2. She is a mother. You can’t discount this fact, and her children’s needs will always take priority. So deal with it. Don’t feel like you’re competing with her children for attention. Don’t use her children to manipulate her.

    ou get to meet the children, befriend them and respect them and their space; be sensitive to their needs, and get to know them for their own sake, not as a way to get their mother to like you.

  3. She knows what’s best for her situation. Many single parents are harassed and stressed; in the present day, who isn’t? Don’t make the mistake of making assumptions about her personality, parenting skills, or organizational habits by what you initially see; above all, don’t make hasty judgments about her based on her children’s behavior. It is too easy for outsiders to make unfair generalizations. You stand the chance of getting to know her better if you keep an open mind. Don’t give her advice, and respect her wishes and rules about how to treat her children. Adjust to her schedule and to the little emergencies that come with parenting.

  4. She is a friend. Of course you want to explore a romantic relationship and want to see how it develops; but at the same time, be a friend — a decent one. Be someone who is there for her, sees to her needs, and has her back. The only way to have a good relationship with her is to put her needs above your own. Any woman will want that, whether she has children or not.

  5. She is a survivor. A woman who has gone through the pain of divorce or widowhood usually develops a new dimension to her character after being refined in the fire of hardship. Provided she is not a total ditz (in which case you are better off not having anything to do with her), a woman with a child or children is more grounded, more responsible, and more mature. She is not one to surrender easily. If she learned her lessons well the first time round, she is likely to be aware of relationship pitfalls, wary, and quick to detect insincerity and call your bluff. Recognize that, respect it, and relish it. When you go on a date with her, celebrate the person that she is and notice things about her that she may have forgotten about herself.

A woman with children can be a fearsome prospect for any guy, especially one who isn’t used to having children around. But instead of running away as fast as your legs will carry you, explore the possibility that dating a single parent can be quite an adventure in itself. If you think you’ve found the right woman, then make the effort to learn how to date a woman with a child and win her love.  


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