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how to date a woman with children

how to date a woman with children

Dating a single mother is not as easy as dating a single woman. With a single woman, your only concern is how to win her. But, with a single mother, it is a package deal that includes herself and her children from a prior marriage. Here are a few tips you have to follow on how to date a woman with children. Your success largely depends on your confidence and preparedness to be a dad. Even if you hear the kids saying “You’re not my dad” over and over again, you have to keep your determination just to be with the woman you love. According to eharmony.com, there are over 5 million single moms in the U.S. these days. Most of them are still hoping to find a new dear love. It is true that dating a single mom is neither for the weak nor for the fainthearted. However, you can still make your attempt a success by following the tips below:

  1. Accept the fact that she has children. While single mothers often have a set of standards when it comes to dating another man, men may also find it overwhelming to be an instant father which can eventually limit the extent of freedom they used to enjoy.

    you want to earn extra points, accept from the start that you have to deal with her children. Part of your challenge is to provide support for her family.

  2. Be prepared to deal with her ex-partner. It is good if her ex-partner is professional enough not to lurk in the shadows like a ferocious stalker. If he is extremely irresponsible and does not seem to give her peace of mind, that is another challenge that you have to face. There may also be legal issues which you need to attend to before you can finally win her as your official partner.

  3. You are dating her not her role as a mother. Generally, women love to be appreciated for who they are as a person and not by what they do in life. See her first as a woman; find out the qualities that made you fall for her. At the outset, it is insignificant to talk about her children since you are dating her not the role that she plays at home. Talking about things that do not concern her could make her feel inadequate and insecure. If you want to achieve a lasting relationship with her, you have to deal more on the intimacy aspect first.

  4. Meet her children. When it comes to seeing her kids, you have to follow her terms. Study ahead how the children are going to react by putting yourself in their shoes. After losing their real dad, expect them to have a hard time in accepting you as someone trying to become their dad. You could be the greatest and the nicest man on Earth, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are a “substitute” dad.

    It may even be harder for her on how to introduce you to her children as either a friend or boyfriend. Children can hardly understand the word “boyfriend.” Thus, you have to take it slowly. Spend time to get to know the likes of her children, play with them, and bring them the things that make them happy.

  5. Plan an outdoor activity that includes the children. Since most kids love to go out, capitalize on that by bringing them to the amusement park or zoo. You can arrange a fishing activity with them too. During weekends, it is a great idea to treat them outside either for a pizza or a movie.

It is not every day that you find a woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. You can’t really choose the kind of girl you want to love; usually, you only depend on the beatings of your heart. Insofar as you know the basic rules on how to date a woman with children, anything that seems to be impossible can be very much possible. It is how you handle your moves, actions, and behavior that can either make or break your love for her.


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