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how to date a younger man

how to date a younger man how to date a younger man

Single women above 40 years old will have fewer choices for eligible males their age for dating because at this stage they are either still married, gay, or still having good times with various women. That is why dating young men is becoming more acceptable in society. How to date a younger man needs some precautions to keep the relationship longer especially when dating guys ten years younger or more. Read through the following and correct your dealings with him right away if you are doing these things unconsciously:

  1. Do not act like a baby sitter to your boyfriend. It is not your responsibility to feed, clothe, and bathe him. Refrain also from treating him like a baby by buying him everything his heart desires. Even if he is a lot younger than you are, he is your boyfriend, and he deserves to be treated as such. He will be unhappy if he is often humiliated by your actions. No matter how old men are, they still have that ego that must be nurtured if you want to keep him.

  2. If you did not shower him with all the goodness a mother is only capable of providing, he’s probably in the relationship for real.

    Your family and friends who are against your relationship with him will be taken aback. It’s not their choice and definitely not their life, so don’t let their responses deter you. Do not give him a hard time just because the rest of your loved ones are constantly reminding you of the danger of being heartbroken by the young man.

  3. Be realistic with your expectations. You sure have a wonderful relationship for the time being. Enjoy it while it lasts, but future plans may not be appropriate for both of you like getting married and having children. You may already be close to menopause, and by the time he’s ready, you can’t bear children anymore. We have taken notes on these kinds of relationships that lasted happily longer than expected but certainly not happily ever after. Don’t force the issue because you just can’t. Try to stay on good terms with him even if the time comes that he has to say goodbye. Just be ready for this.

  4. While still in a passionate relationship, don’t be ashamed to show him off. He’ll like it when you are proud of him, especially when you are also making efforts to look good for him. Your friends will see the chemistry that is working between you, and it will be easier for them to understand why you are both in the relationship. Do not let unnecessary friction get in the way between the two of you. He is a man that needs to be regarded as the stronger one in the relationship not a mere piece of property hidden in the closet.

  5. There are people who will just intimidate you when they know that you are happily in love with a young stud. Just don’t go through lengthy discussions with them.  Just say that you are enjoying it while it lasts. This will give them a clue that you are realistic about the whole thing and not a big fool or dreamer. You do not have to hang around with these people if you do not want to explain anymore.

It takes a very special woman to be able to date a desirable, young man. How to date a younger man is one of the simple joys of life. Keeping an open mind about it can help in not committing mistakes that can jeopardize your relationship with him. Before committing to the younger man, make sure that you can handle the negativities of others. Just don’t get affected by them, and treat him with all the respect he deserves.


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