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how to date an Asian woman

how to date an Asian woman

Asian women will not like men who discriminate against their own race. Personal hygiene is also very important for them. An untidy man who behaves badly will be a big turnoff for them. You must be gentle on how to date an Asian woman because she can easily be intimidated by foreigners who are full of themselves. Being respectful will go a long way in dating an Asian woman. Here are some tips to make the date successful:

  1. Make her comfortable in talking about her interests and in asking questions about you. This is not about boasting about your achievements just to impress her. This will be your opportunity to know more about her. There may be stories that are hard to understand because of the cultural differences, but if you can listen carefully, you will uncover the interesting facts concerning her world.

  2. Although it’s normal for men to look at other attractive women, this is very rude for your Asian date. Straying eyes for them is a sign that you can’t be loyal to one woman.

    sian women will expect to be treated very specially during a date; like picking her up from her home and sending her back with matching flowers or chocolates. Be attentive to her by anticipating her needs during the date. If she is being emotional during a conversation, be ready with a tissue.

  3. Most Asian women are thrilled with a date who is a gentleman. Your caring gestures will be appreciated. Just don’t get too touchy because this can scare some Asian girls. There are Asian girls who are not even comfortable with the usual hugs and kisses for friends and acquaintances. A handshake will be appropriate for a conservative Asian woman. If she makes an attempt to give you a smack on your cheek that means that she has adopted the Western culture.

  4. An Asian woman will not like it if she ends up waiting for you during a date. She will feel that you are not really interested in her when you are always late, or worse, you forgot or missed the appointment. She may be forgiving but do not expect to get another date with her unless she’s that desperate. Treat her well and she will take care of you in return. Asian women are very thoughtful and fond of serving their man domestically.

  5. Do not expect much on your first date. There are lots of things to find out about her. Do not expect that she thinks or feels the same way about you because she likes smiling at you. She’s just probably trying to be nice to you. If she keeps on having alibis not to go out with you again, it’s hopefully enough to give you a hint that she’s not interested in you at all.

  6. Treat her as a person and not just another Asian woman. Do not perceive that she is like the same Asian girls you’ve dated before. Each Asian woman has her own moral standard. There are also different classes of Asians depending on their status in life. If an Asian woman is too open with your sexual advances, she may not be a decent woman because good Asian women don’t want to be intimate with men they hardly know.

How to date an Asian woman can be very interesting. Just don’t treat your date as a “fun” thing because it will be considered disrespect on your part in her eyes. Be warm, sincere, and true if you really want to be in a relationship with her. Good values can win her heart.


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