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how to date Arab women

how to date Arab women

The concept of courtship among Arab women is commonly understood as a process of selecting an appropriate and suitable husband. These days, there are a number of Arab women in the Middle Eastern part of the world, including Qatar, Kuwait, and Dubai, as well as in South America, Asia, and Europe, who are able to choose the kind of date that they like. In fact, many of them are able to use the Internet in order to meet different men worldwide. If this is the kind of courtship that interests you, the guidelines below will teach you how to date Arab women.

  1. Differentiate faith from culture. It is fair not to assume that people located in one part of the world all have the same religious beliefs and philosophies in life. Dating an Arab woman is not necessarily like dating a Muslim person. Most Arab ladies are in the Arab countries, while the Muslim population is well-scattered in different parts of the world.

    Islam refers to faith, while the word Arab is associated more on culture.

    Although the two have a number of intersections, there is still a broad difference between them. In particular, the word Muslim refers to a person who follows and practices the teachings of Islamic faith. If she is both an Arab and a Muslim, you may find it very challenging to continue.

  2. Understand the Arab culture. If the Arab woman you like is a native, you can expect that she has been sheltered while growing up and must have closely observed the doctrines and teachings of Islam. Modesty and segregation are very crucial among Muslim people, particularly in Arab communities. Muslim ladies can rarely be seen walking around or traveling without a chaperon. Often, they are not even allowed to go along with men who are unrelated to them.

    However, these facts may not be true anymore for Arab women who have been living, working, or studying in western areas. To some extent, they enjoy a certain level of freedom when it comes to dating. They can choose to date non-Arab or non-Muslim guys on their own terms.

  3. Observe respect. If you are dating an Arab woman, she is likely to demand respect from you. Thus, you have to respect her virtue and her being a woman in general. You cannot hold her hands casually. As much as you would like to, you cannot look at her closely and directly in the eyes. Arab women need fair treatment and deep respect.

  4. Know that Arab women are conservative. You have to protect her reputation while you are dating. When an Arab lady starts dating, she is expected to keep it a secret in order to avoid ruining her family’s reputation and standing in the society. Since every Arab woman is required to stay conservative, her chance to marry someone in the Arab community may be affected if she is branded as someone who dates different guys.

  5. Know that Arab women highly value their virginity. It is something that a Muslim lady has to keep until marriage. She must aim to carefully preserve her virtue for her groom. There may be a number of Arab ladies who engage in lascivious activities, but they still do not perform sexual intercourse.

  6. It is an advantage if you are a Muslim or an Arab guy. Arab ladies, due to their strong Islamic beliefs, are very particular when it comes to faith or religious preference. If you are a non-Arab or non-Muslim, and your purpose for dating is just for friendship, it may no longer be necessary for you to adopt her religious beliefs.

    However, if your intention is to build up a lasting relationship, which can possibly result in marriage, by all means you have to convert your beliefs into Islam. You may find this as something peculiar, but converting to Islam is proof that you are devoted to her.

  7. Listen to what she has to say. Most Arab women have been used to being dominated by Arab men. Thus, they appreciate people who show interest in their opinions and ideas. Since they have grown up in a male-dominated culture, they are most flattered to meet people who are willing to listen to what they have to say. Whether you are dating an Arab lady in a western country or in an Arab country, you have to be good listener.

  8. Respect her family. The reputation of her family is something that you should not take lightly. Show her that you have a high regard for her family. When you start dating, you should not expect that you can visit her at home. However, this may be possible later on, especially if you are an Arab or Muslim guy.

Generally, Arab women are naturally loving, submissive, true, and honest; that is why, many single men around the globe are interested to meet them. If you are really determined to date the kind of Arab lady you like, you can always apply the tips above on how to date Arab women.


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