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how to date Asian men

how to date Asian men

If you are a Caucasian woman, you might wonder how to date Asian men. Like other men, there are diverse kinds of Asian men depending on their origin. Men from Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines have more or less the same culture whereas the Chinese and Thais also have similarities. Japanese men are distinct as well as the Indians. Generally speaking, these Asian men share the following traits regardless of tradition:

  1. There are many Asian migrants to the United States and Europe because they are hardworking people. Asian men are family oriented, and they believe that to be successful they must work really hard. They are used to pleasing their woman through service by exerting more effort in fetching her from work, doing some plumbing, gardening, or washing the car. In return, they expect their partner to do the household chores like cleaning, cooking, and washing.

  2. Asian men are thoughtful but, as much as possible, wise spending is prioritized. They know the value of money because they work hard for it.

    You will know that your Asian boyfriend is serious about you if he’s saving for your future dwelling. You might not get some expensive gifts, but there will be more quality time together if you want it. Make sure, however, that you save some time for the relationship with an Asian man because he’s going to feel bad when time with him is scarce.

  3. Most Asian men have their word as their honor. They will be there if they say they will. They are sensitive to the promises made.  So don’t take your words for granted or make promises you don’t intend to keep because they will remember these actions and count them against you as offenses. You must have very good reasons if you miss out on a date. He will have an idea that you are not taking him seriously if you don’t show up on time for the agreed date. They are committed to the set times for dates so they will feel really bad if you cancel at the last minute just because something else came up.

  4. Most Asian men who are originally from tropical countries cannot bear not taking a bath every single day. They at least do that once or twice a day. They will try to be more tidy, dressed, and perfumed during a date. Hygiene is a big thing for Asian men to impress their date. If you are invited for a dinner at his place, you can expect that he’s already done general cleaning the day before. You are really special when every time he shows up he really makes it a point to look and smell good for you.

  5. Asian men are more sensitive than their Caucasian counterparts. They pay more attention when they are really interested in the woman. They still have the brain of a man, so you can’t expect them to understand your tantrums right away. But, mind you, at least they will notice that you are not happy somehow and will definitely be open to a discussion to sort you out and perhaps find out what’s bothering you.

It is very interesting how to date Asian men. You will really feel the affection if you are not the domineering type. Some Asian men prefer stronger women, though, but you can’t expect these men to lead the relationship. They will just be content that they have a mother figure taking care of them. They will comply with your wishes, but there will be some occasional rebellious outbursts when their manhood is often not respected.


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