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how to date Chinese women

how to date Chinese women

Be more cautious on how to date Chinese women. Chinese culture dictates that if the daughter in the family has been sexually used outside of marriage, she is bringing shame not only on herself but also to her family. Sex is not taken too lightly in the country. It is an indication of your intention to get married to the woman. If you are having sex with multiple Chinese women, you can be deported when reported. Although there are some exceptions to the rule, it is better to be culturally sensitive to your adoptive country.  Go ahead and date a Chinese woman after absorbing the following useful guidelines:

  1. Do not give false hopes to any woman whom you are not serious about becoming involved with. If it’s just for sex, pay for it. When you are bringing a willing Chinese woman home who is not a prostitute, do not do it often that local police can be alerted and suspect that she is a prostitute. You can be subject to deportation when found guilty of housing a prostitute.

  2. Avoid making out in public.

    his is improper to many especially for senior people. It’s also dangerous if someone informs the family of the woman regarding the embarrassing act. They can take the matter into their own hands and do you harm for destroying the reputation of the Chinese lady and her family.

  3. Visit the family of your Chinese girlfriend only if you are sure that she’s the one for you. This is a serious move that can be interpreted as asking for her hand in marriage. Do not disappoint her family by meeting them without a concrete marriage plan. It’s not easy living in fear!

  4. You have yourself a good Chinese woman if she had only a few boyfriends before you. Chinese women prefer marrying their first boyfriend because that is the ideal dating practice in their country. Imagine the pressure on you if you are the first boyfriend.

  5. China is not the place for playboys. No matter how good you are in hiding your multiple relationships, news can travel very quickly. These are serious grounds for deportation. Your Visa will be revoked, and your name will be blacklisted for re-entry into the country.

  6. If you have impregnated a Chinese woman, better to marry her than try to escape. A hold departure order can immediately prevent you from leaving the country or face prosecution. You cannot do more while you are in prison. Better face your responsibilities. Continue working and support your new family. If you think you are not capable of doing this, refrain from having sex with a Chinese woman.

  7. Be true to your date regarding your intentions. Practice having self-control so as not to start any sexual activities with someone that you’re not sure you want to spend the rest of your life with. Prolong the friendship and see where it’s going first before letting yourself become involved sexually. Remember that this is a sign of a very serious relationship called marriage.

Changes to the country’s perceptions on sex before marriage are being promoted silently but forcefully. Young Chinese people are more open about this than the generations before them. How to date Chinese women must be taken seriously.  Since the change is not yet evident, do not jeopardize your career or life in general if you have to be imprisoned or blacklisted in the country that is giving you a good opportunity to work in a different setting. Sleep only with the one you love.


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