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how to date Christian women

how to date Christian women

If you are dating someone with the same faith as you, conflicting views about dating are minimized. How to date Christian women who are exercising the teachings of Jesus Christ for purity must be understood by a serious suitor. Some practices seem bizarre to you at first, but if you submit yourself to the same doctrines as the Christian woman you love, understanding will come easy. Observe the following manifestations when dating a Christian woman. You can do the same:

  1. Isolate yourself in a private place before going out for the date. Talk to God about how excited you are in meeting your special someone. Thank Him for the chance of being with her. Say that you trust Him in guiding you while He leads the path of the relationship to wherever He desires. Do not plan the details of the whole thing. Let Him put words into your mouth on what to say to your date and guide you on what to do.

  2. Communicate well. Focus on quality talk than quantity. Ask the getting-to-know-you questions so that you can have hints whether this relationship is worth pursuing.

    See if you like everything that you’ve learned from the conversations. Volunteer information about yourself also.

  3. Do rush things. Enjoy the friendship for a long time. Being friends for a longer period means that you will have plenty of opportunities to deal with various circumstances in life. Good or bad, if the friendship stays, the marriage will too when you end up with each other.

  4. Spare some time to pray together so that your friendship will be blessed. The union will definitely be a blissful one when you finally marry your best friend in Jesus Christ’s name. Intimacy will be stronger when you pour your heart out to God together with someone who is dear to you. Any powerful urge of being intimate must be controlled. Praying alone together must not be done in a private place. Choose a venue where even if you can only hear the two of you, there are other people around.

  5. When you have difficulty stopping yourselves from being physically closer than what is appropriate, pray together with a group of fellow Christians. He is in the midst of everyone while doing this. Your praises will be channelled solely to Him. This will take your mind off strong desires to get close on your date. Sexual arousal can be prevented thus lessening the intensity of the feeling.

  6. What’s in a kiss? Everything. It ignites hidden desires from within. Ideally, kissing must take place only after the wedding, but not everybody can live up to that. You will be surprised what will follow after kissing passionately. If you don’t want to suffer, refrain from kissing each other at least until the engagement ceremony. Nonetheless, it will be worth the wait if you save the magical kiss for your wedding.

How to date Christian women needs lots of sacrifices. Self-control is first on the line. It is better not to do anything that will make you both prone to temptations. This advice will either make the eyebrows of other people rise, or it can be funny to some people. Nevertheless, as Christians, both must totally understand why it is necessary to postpone intimacy to a later stage. Sex is only for married couples, and you don’t want to engage in it before the wedding. When love is pure, it can only be successful in the years to come.


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