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how to date Filipino women

how to date Filipino women

The feminine allure of a Filipina with a personality to match is very attractive to Caucasian men. They stand out from the rest of the Asian women because they can also speak English fluently. The protocols on how to date Filipino women must be observed to make sure that you will not get involved with just another Filipina you found on the Internet but somebody who has the same status level as you have. Here are some important considerations to review:

  1. Filipinas from good families are raised to move in a refined manner. The way of speaking, walking, and carrying herself will have a sense of decency. If you don’t want to fall prey to the wrong woman, watch her movements.

  2. A proper Filipina will never make the first move to become known to a guy. Her upbringing strictly says that good women must wait for the man to initiate conversation. She will not flirt in public with people she just met. She will be too concerned about lowering her value by doing deceitful acts. When your Filipina date is all over you during the first date, she may be in for something else.


  3. You will not hear Filipina ladies swear in public. They are composed, understanding, and patient. They would rather leave than be humiliated with verbal abuses. Filipinas who are loud and bold normally come from violent families and communities. Be selective if you do not want to be in trouble.

  4. Filipinas are hospitable in nature. They are kind, caring, and supportive especially to their loved ones. This is why many foreigners choose to retire in the Philippines. Many have married Filipinas also because they can have ample caring done for them by being the husband of a Filipina.

  5. Marriage is perceived to be forever in the Philippines. There are no records of many straying Filipino wives married to foreigners especially when they are taken care of because marriage for them is a life-long commitment.  Divorce is still not honored in the Philippines even currently. Make your involvement with a Filipina for real.

  6. Filipino women are devoted to their family. They cannot bear living in luxury while the rest of the family is suffering from poverty. She will find a way to support her family back home even if you are against it. Allow her to work if you can’t tolerate providing help to the extended family to make her happy.

  7. Most Filipinas are great homemakers, so they are better off as housewives. They are industrious, resourceful, and creative. Their household skills are just right for great providers.

  8. Education is a priority in the Philippines. Most Filipinas are educated unless you’re dating somebody from the remote islands. Many Filipinas married to foreigners always end up working in the home country of their husband. If you plan to settle down with a Filipina, discuss beforehand if you are open to the idea of your future wife working when you’re married.

  9. Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion in the Philippines, but many Filipinas are open to any Christian faith. Find mutual grounds in this matter if your religion is different from hers. There may be some disagreements from her family if she has to change her religion, but if she’s going to be your wife, it’s your decision to join them or let her join you.

It’s a fact that the high rate of divorces in the Western world does not include plenty of Caucasian men married to Filipino women. It seems that the chemistry is working well for these mixed marriages. Learn how to date Filipino women for a lasting marriage.


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